A Play on Words

Words are powerful: they have the ability to guide and persuade, to turn thoughts into actions, and ideas into reality. Similarly, they convey messages of love and hope, of hate and despair.

This raises the question: Is there a difference between witnessing words in print and reading them online? Isn’t the idea or message expressed essentially the same?
The Internet is an excellent medium for individuals and businesses to communicate their beliefs and ambitions, and at the same time, disseminate global news.
In line with this, some condemn print to be a dying art form. The decline of book, magazine and newspaper sales spurred by the success of digital media—blogs, Kindle and an online directory of news and leisure articles—is somewhat disconsolate, especially for those of us hoping to pursue a career in print journalism.
In light of maintaining the status quo, Outlook has officially completed its website upgrades, and we hope to continue our progressive pursuits throughout our other social media platforms.
However, the power of print is unparalleled, at least for me. Not only does it embody a spirit of continuity, it also affirms the writer’s authenticity. The appreciation of print is a luxury in a digitally driven society.
Where does this leave Outlook? In the most candid of terms, we find ourselves at an opportune crossroads, despite personal predilections. The evolution of the press, in its many forms, is somewhat golden: we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the fast-paced benefits of technology, while at the same time staying true to our roots.
These are prosperous times for our student publication. While the phrase “carpe diem” is far too cliché for my liking, there is something to be said about “seizing the day” and taking full fledge advantage of the opportunities presented.
On that note, we here at Outlook can only hope that the direction we are steering our student publication in is one that will resonate with all.

Talia Abbas

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