Die-hard gamers rejoice at FIFA 15

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Laudy Issa
Contributing Writer

Stunning visuals, a completely revamped interface, and the ultimate control of players are just some of the features that FIFA 15 offers. This newest addition to the FIFA game series by Electronic Arts truly allows players to “feel the game,” as its slogan promises.

Most of FIFA 15’s updates are related to its presentation, but the effects they have had on bringing players closer to the game have been spectacular.

Before even entering the game, players easily navigate through a sleek new menu, a much-needed change from last year. As usual, the gameplay options include career mode, tournament mode, online seasons, and FIFA Ultimate Team.

EA has also declared war on online cheaters in FIFA 15 by permanently banning offenders from the online experience of all EA games, including Battlefield.

The beauty of FIFA 15 lies in its details. The company put incredible effort into setting the right atmosphere for the game, be it with the new camera angles, the team-specific crowd chants, or the accurate reimagining of the Premier League Stadiums.

Perhaps the most prominent change the game boasts is its emotionally intelligent players. Players are more connected than ever to each other and to the events happening on the field, reacting with over 600 possible emotions. If, for example, a shot is off angle, disappointment will flash across the shooter’s face, and when a difficult shot is blocked by a goalkeeper, players will proceed to tap him on the back.

This remarkable authenticity does, however, have its downsides. Sometimes, when in the middle of a successful attack, your game plan is utterly ruined because the player you pass the ball to is too busy shouting at the referee to meet it.

Another noteworthy change in FIFA 15 is that the goalkeepers are much smarter. It has become much more difficult to score in one-on-one confrontations, as goalkeepers can even twist their bodies in midair to match changes in the ball direction. Players are now quicker and more responsive, making the entire game more dynamic. To die-hard fans, this could prove challenging and thrilling, but to inexperienced gamers thinking of picking up the game, the disappointment of never scoring could be a deal-breaker.

As well, while the replays and hypes serve their purpose, many have complained about how long they take. In terms of graphics, players still seem to look a bit strange with respect to their real life counterparts. Replicating real individuals is difficult, and the FIFA franchise has yet to do it properly.

Besides a set of new animations and intelligent players, matches remain the same. After all, football is football. Although the changes in the game were not too drastic, it was still an improvement from last year.

Despite its small kinks, FIFA 15 sets a great atmosphere coupled with great visuals to give players an authentic football experience, setting the bar high for the next game in the franchise.

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