Shonda Rhimes does it again: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’


Tala Ladki
Staff Writer 

“How to Get Away with Murder,” ABC’s latest suspense-filled drama-thriller has yet to fail its audience. In fact, its ratings topped those of its rival shows at CBS (“Elementary”) and at NBC (“Parenthood”), both of which share the same time slot.

Teaching a course titled Criminal Law 100 or, as she likes to call it, “How to Get Away with Murder,” the mysterious Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) presents the class with different cases for them to solve. She then chooses five students to work for her. Keating makes sure her law students understand that she is anything but a sweetheart. As a matter of fact, upon watching the pilot, it’s quite easy to decipher the main characters’ personality traits, save for Annalise. She’s as hard as stone, but she has her moments.

Wes (Alfred Enoch), Connor (Jack Falahee), Rebecca (Katie Findlay), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Asher (Matt Mcgory) and Laurel (Carla Souza) are the six students who end up working for her. While Annalise had originally chosen five students, Wes catches her in an awkward situation with Detective Lahey (Billy Brown), making her feel compelled to have him on board.

The interesting and intricate cases as well as the chemistry between the characters make for an addictive show. The witty dialogue and thought-provoking monologues will keep you glued to the screen during each episode’s 40-minute run, especially because the plot gets so complex and exciting that giving up on the show ceases to be an option.

The cast was very well chosen. Aja Naomi, for instance, does a nice job of portraying an ambitious goody-two-shoes student.

The Oscar-nominated Viola Davis lends her talent to the role in one of her best performances. She manages to showcase the panache and fortitude of Analisse all while maintaining her vulnerability and resilience. Davis’ performance has won her a number of awards including a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Series—Drama, and the show’s first Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award. Along with Uzo Aduba (Suzan “Crazy Eyes” from “Orange is the New Black”), the two women were the first ever African American women to win the award for best actress, with Aduba nabbing the same award for Comedy.

As for Matt, the role of a snobby rich kid is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of acting. Carla doesn’t live up to her character Laurel as much as one would hope. Laurel is supposed to be the tough one, but at times, her relationship with Frank (Charlie Webber) makes her seem otherwise.

Producer Shonda Rhimes continues to amaze us. With major hits like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “Private Practice,” Rhimes has set the bar high for herself. But with an exhilarating story, the help of Peter Nowalk and a wonderful cast, “How to Get Away with Murder” has managed to become a must-see.

Last week, after a long awaited return, ABC released the first season’s tenth episode, and I must say, when the episode ended, I was devastated that I had to wait another week for the next episode.

With rumors claiming that season one will end this February, some fans are wondering about the second season. Viola tweeted about the possibility of a second season, but ABC has yet to confirm or deny. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that we have not yet seen the last of “How to Get Away with Murder.”

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