AD Review: Beirut Beer

Tala Ladki

Staff Writer

In July 2014, Kassatly Chtaura launched a new beer into the Lebanese market: Beirut Beer. Kassatly started producing drinks and jams in 1919 and is now well-known for its non-alcoholic drinks, vodka mixes, and Chateau Ka wines.
The president of Kassatly had the idea of opening a beer factory in 2005, and a few years later, they worked with one of the biggest beer producers in Germany to produce what is now called Beirut Beer. Soon after the production of this beer, their ads started propagating on Lebanese TV stations, billboards, social media, and radios.
The company first released its ad “to the restaurant” that is set on a beach filled with attractive women. A regular joe walks by unnoticed, but after drinking some Beirut Beer, he is able to answer a girl on how to get to a certain restaurant in Spanish which impresses her and attracts the attention of other girls sitting on the bar next to him. The ad emphasizes the whole idea of being confident and showcasing your true capabilities.
At the end, the guy is seen talking in chinese to a girl on the phone. The ad agency “Operation Unicorn,” a new and upcoming agency in Lebanon, is behind this humorous ad. They have worked with Kassatly before on different ads for products such as BUZZ and Chateau Ka. The agency released another ad for Beirut Beer revolving around another average joe at a concert.
After drinking the beer, he is invited to rock out on stage with the band, which enables him to showcase his music capabilities. Clearly, the beer is targeting the average lebanese guy and the whole essence of the brand revolves around confidence and uniqueness.
Although, all of these ads seem interesting, fun and entertaining at first, they become boring when repeated as much as they are on Lebanese TVs. The idea behind them seem a little bit overdone.
However, Beirut Beer recently released a new ad called “Shou Kel Youm Moujadarra?” (Are we having Moujadarra every day?) The ad starts off with a young boy who loves eating Moujaddara because it’s the food his mother knows how to cook really well. We see him grow up, and still eat Moujaddara, until one day, he is invited over to a friend’s house. There, he tries something new and suddenly, it’s as if he was reborn. He’s then seen sipping Beirut Beer with his friends.
The whole point of this ad is to encourage people to “try something new” i.e. to try Beirut Beer, because it’s relatively new as opposed to its main competitor ‘Almaza’ which has been around since the 1960’s. This ad is clever because it utilizes comparative advertising without being too blunt or tacky. We really enjoyed this indirect message: Mujaddara (Almaza) is good but aren’t we tired of eating it every day? Maybe we should try something new (Beirut Beer). The ad, unlike the two previous, feels truly unique.
Altogether, all the launch of the new product seems promising and we are very eager to see how Beirut Beer is going to perform in the market.

Block Quote: We really enjoyed this indirect message: Mujaddara (Almaza) is good but aren’t we tired of eating it every day? Maybe we should try something new (Beirut Beer)


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