Preview of the 2015 Beirut Art Fair

Christian Khairallah
Contributing Writer


  Lebanon has for a long time now been attributed the title of Switzerland of the East. Beirut, more specifically, constituting a big part of why the country holds this once-true emblem, doesn’t fall short of living up to its name by putting forth a vast, multi-ethnical art exhibition rounding up artists along with their art collections from all around the MENASA (Middle-East, North-Africa, South-Asia) region.

  As the Beirut Art Fair “confirms Beirut’s position as the cultural and intellectual capital of the Arab world, at the junction between the East and the West”, it presents to us this year its most vibrant and eclectic edition to date, running from September 17 to September 20.

  Veteran as well as developing artists, from Morocco all the way to Indonesia, will gather up in a splashing of the arts at BIEL. Around fifty international modern and contemporary art and design galleries will be showing off the region’s penetrating diversity and the insatiable need for innovation that its artists all share.

  On the program, photography inter-mingles with digital art, namely “virtual reality”, which sets off on a mission to alter the shape of our perception(s) of reality, by combining in an exotic alloy of interaction, reality and virtual world.

   Paintings, drawings, sculptures, video, design or performance and much more will also take part in this gathering of the seven arts, in an attempt to expose the guts of its artistic anatomy to the Western side of the world.

  The event organizers will also be inviting a host of other associations, including charity organizations as well as associations that currently support young Lebanese artists in the photography field.

  Exhibitions showing off local photography art pieces will also be held, at the end of which prizes will be awarded to endorse photography in Lebanon as an essential and ongoing art medium.

  You can stay at home, wondering about the next time you will ever be able to see a garbage truck again, or you can join into this event and embark on a journey of life and culture that allows art to transform the ugly into the abstract, and animate even the most lifeless of our perceptions. You can learn more about the Beirut Art Festival by visiting their website at

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