The Witcher 3 captivates players with stunning scenery

Laudy Issa
News Editor

  Yet another deadly force has struck the Northern Kingdoms, but gamers trying out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are often too busy admiring the beautiful open world to really care.

  Once they sate their needs for stunning scenery and rich details (which could never happen), they might start paying attention to the main storyline. Or get lost in the side missions.

  Sometimes, it’s difficult to get into sequels without playing the games that came before them, but that’s not the case with The Witcher 3.

   The storyline is pretty straightforward. Our protagonist, Geralt, is on a hunt for information on the whereabouts of his lover and the Child of Prophecy, Ciri.

   The world is drowning in battle and war, from both human armies and terrible monsters.

   There’s darkness everywhere, literally. One thing is for certain though: be it day or night, you’re going to need your trusty steed, Roach, to get around the massive map.

  Whenever a new open world role-playing game comes out, there’s no doubt it’s going to be compared to the Elder Scrolls, and this game is no different. Witcher 3 is a magnificent work of art, though the environments are more down to earth: while one would be taken by the huge mountains in Elder Scrolls, their hearts would melt at the sight of trees swaying in the wind, bridges falling apart, and even the vast farmlands in Witcher 3.

   While villagers might try to defend themselves, they really don’t stand much chance.

   Being a Witcher implies having certain magical powers, and our protagonist is a magical, sword-wielding alchemist who’s ready for a fight. Controls are easy, and combat is relatively simple: players can parry, block, counter, strike heavy or swiftly. Fighting is swift and feels almost primitive, though knowing when to strike is essential. Darker creatures require Geralt to step up his game and craft some potions, or use magical spells called “signs” that could roast enemies with fire, control their minds, or even generate a protective shield for defensive players.

   While the story never develops into anything further, players are introduced to interesting and colorful characters –some thankfully returning from the game’s prequels –wherever they go. Adventuring in such a charming, lively world is never a disappointment: there’s so much to do.

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