Pre-elections: The Whos and the Whats

  The long awaited for news finally came in the form of email sent by Dean Nizammedin, announcing the university’s elections to fall on the twenty seventh of November, exactly ten days from today.

  According the email sent last Tuesday, November 10, the seat’s distribution will be in compliance with the 2010 electoral law. This means that we now vote for 17 members of the University Student Faculty Committee (USFC), in comparison to 18 last semester. Instead of four USFC seats allocated for the faculty of Engineering and Architecture, three seats, two for Engineers and one for the entire faculty, will be available for FEA students to fill.

  The USFC seats distribution will be as follows:

  The SRC seats are of a total of 81, and will be distributed between faculties as follows:

  Outlook has contacted the clubs that participated in last year’s election, in order to get a better insight on their stands concerning this year’s election.  


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