Beyond The Hour

Aya el Safadi
Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 19, as the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) annual Earth Hour spread across the world, millions came together to turn off their lights as a wake-up call that is direly needed to protect our planet. Earth Hour is celebrated widely every year as a movement aiming to protect the planet.

Cities from around the world switched off unnecessary lights for an hour, from 8:30 till 9:30, with an ambitious aim of creating an interconnected global community that shares the challenges of building a more sustainable world. What is more exciting is that this year has been the biggest one yet with over 178 countries and 400 global landmarks participating to show a united devotion for the future of our Globe.

Of these landmarks, our very own AUB has supported this campaign by turning off all unnecessary lights on campus, starting with College Hall.

Meanwhile, Achrafieh2020 opted for a different way of supporting Earth Hour this year that is by pledging to plant trees all year long and transforming Achrafieh into a healthier and more livable environment.

Of course there are plenty of Lebanese who participate in Earth Hour when the electricity is off and the generator subscription backup is absent. On the other hand, there are those who doubt the importance of this campaign and may not understand how just one hour can make all the difference. Thousands of people have the desire to make a change but think they alone cannot fight this huge battle. However, it is individual commitment that fuels far-reaching global environmental and social impact.

By cutting back, Earth Hour provides individuals with the chance to take the responsibility of combating global warming and actually making the difference they dream to achieve. Earth Hour remains an important annual event for many people around the world, however, many have built up the courage and chosen to extend the hour and change their lifestyles in minor ways hoping to save as much energy as possible. Of course, the WWF hasn’t stopped there and has moved towards further increasing awareness through various creative initiatives from crowdfunding to backing climate policy petitions.

Earth Hour is more than just an event created, it is proof that we are in control of drastically changing how global warming has been affecting us all. So what’s stopping you from taking action?

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