A Music Video to Remember: Rola Yamout

Chermine Sleiman Haidar

Opinions Editor

OPINIONS - Rola Yamout

  It hasn’t been too long since Haifa Wehbe released a music video that left people speechless in terms of production and senselessness. Today, Rola Yamout strikes again with another music video for her new single “Ana Rola,” leaving viewers simply speechless.

  The video kicks off with a close-up of Rola swimming (or more likely drowning) in a swimming pool. As soon as the music starts playing, Rola steps out of the mansion’s front door in her tight red dress and into her car, wrapped in matching ribbons.

  After that, the singing starts. Lyrics that have definetly not been heard before like “Ana Rola” are sung in annoying repetition. Then, a quick sequence of scenes flashes in front of our eyes, before you get enough time to entirely grasp what is going on.  

  Suddenly, Rola is seen holding a surprisingly big baby bottle to her mouth. Standing in the same position, she is then seen holding what seems to be a giant shiny key. To go along with the nonsensical theme, she is seen dressed in a huge puffy baby pink dress, topped with a customary princess tiara.    

  The music video seems to switch from one incomprehensible scene to another throughout the full four minutes of footage.

  The video keeps switching back and forth; showing Rola in the pool, with different bathing suits at different times. Another bunch of scenes rolls out: Rola on her porch wearing, once again, a different swimsuit. Rola dancing around holding random giant objects. Changes and changes in outfits.

   But the one unforgettable scene is one of her sitting on the grass unwrapping presents. To our surprise, she unwraps a gift that seems to be a diploma: a master’s degree in loving. Soon after that, an image of Rola flashes sitting doggy style on the grass, holding an abnormally sized Chupa Chups lollipop.

  Technically speaking, the music video is poorly made, with no connection whatsoever between shots, and no coherence in the visuals. However, technicality is not what is appalling here.

  What’s disturbing throughout the video, and is still disturbing me now that I have closed the YouTube tab is the sexualization of Rola through her infantilization.

  Her hair is made in two ponytails tied in pink ribbons. She holds a big baby bottle to her mouth while singing. She opens presents like a little girl sitting under the tree on Christmas morning. And most importantly, she sings with the voice and pronunciation of a child.

  Rola is first portrayed as a sexy woman in a tight dress, which isn’t uncommon in music videos. However, rapidly throughout the video, she is represented as an innocent little girl, which unfortunately and disturbingly contributes to her sexualization.

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