Chokers: Fashion Statement or Mishap?

Ragheb Raad

Sports Editor

  Can you remember the last time you refreshed your Instagram feed without stumbling upon a choker somewhere? The answer is probably no; since this accessory has been trending all around the world. Many celebrities, like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, have embraced the trend and worn chokers quite often.

  In fact, this trend is not something that has recently appeared. In the late 18th century in France, young women would secretly wear red ribbons around their necks in order to show solidarity with the people who were guillotined during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution. Chokers were also trending in the 90s, and as of recently, they are back.

  However, this necklace seems to have caused controversy as some people find it fashionable, but others do not. In order to asses the different viewpoints of students, a question was posed concerning chokers on social media. The following are few of the responses.

  Some people have interpreted it as a way for women to look edgy, as stated by student Laya Jawad. Many other students have also expressed similar views.

  “Women wear chokers because they like to give an implicit impression that they are wild but can be tamed,” said Lama El Charif, another AUB student with a likening for chokers.

   However, not all student shared the same love for this fashion trend.

  Student George Saade said that women who wear them look like they are “on dog leashes.” His statement opened a very heated discussion on social media in which many individuals had interfered.

  Saade has received severe backlash from female students since his comment was made. Many defended their fashion trend and their right to wear and sport whatever they please.

  “I decide to wear a choker just as I would any other piece of jewelry. If I like it, I wear it. Why is this being blown out of proportion?” said Juliette Jabra.

  “It’s really cool. It’s a part of a girl’s style and fashion. Someone told me before that it resembles a dog chain and it’s ugly, but I honestly could not care less about his opinion,” said Zeina Alayli.

  Yes, in the end, chokers are simply an accessory that people wear, like wristbands, necklaces, and earrings. Yet this trend has caused people to possibly overanalyze it. The reality of the matter is that this trend has recently blown up the fashion scene, and like many other trends, there is a possibility it will die down.

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