Post-Midterms Funday

Leen Farhat

Staff Writer

  Good news! We’re almost done with the whole midterm exams period, and as encouragement, I want to remind you of all the wonderful feelings that follow it. You can do it! You can get through this!

  One of the best parts about coming out of an exam is finally being able to discuss your answers with your peers; I know this is something you all eagerly wait for. You just sit there, on one of the benches in front of West Hall, impatiently waiting for your classmates to come out.

  Let’s not forget that after these pesky exams are finally out of the way, your social life can resume. I’m talking about that 4,000-word paper due the next day; the one you have been pushing off so you can study for your exams. There’s no time to rest, so don’t worry about that dreaded concept. You have a long allnighter awaiting you.

  Look on the bright side, you will probably write that paper with your best friends sitting next to you, either in Starbucks or Second Cup, as they also panic over an exam, assignment, paper or – if they are a Graphic Design/Architecture major – that project they were assigned two weeks ago, but just remembered to do. There’s that AUB bond right there.

  Now comes the part when you receive your grade, the moment when you know all that studying paid off. No feeling will compare to the one you feel after receiving that totally unexpected and undeserved grade, while anticipating if you’re going to have to drop the course (yes MATH 201 and BIOL 201, I’m referring to you).

  When asking students on campus how they felt about midterms period, almost 90% said they loved it. Derp Midtermsky even stated, “I love midterms period; it gives me the chance to challenge myself. I never knew that my confidence and self-esteem could drop that low, but every semester, midterms period proves me wrong; it’s amazing!”

  And then, you finally get to the part where all of the assignments and exams are over. So, you decide to give yourself the break you deserve, only to run into that one annoyingly over-enthusiastic classmate that reminds you that the next batch of exams is right around the corner, most likely days away.

  Instantly, that soothing feeling of guilt will sink in, and you will stop what you’re doing and head right to Jafet.

  It’s really astonishing how you can be taking the first exam of some courses and exam 2 of others – both at the same time! The best type of courses are the ones that have THREE exams and a final.

  Eventually, there will come the time when the midterm exams period is over and you can have a post-midterms funday! Go clubbing, have Zaatar w Zeit, catch up on How to Get Away with Murder, and do all the things you’ve been wanting to do to (not that you weren’t already). But, never forget… Finals are coming up and you’re already behind!

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