Series Review: The Crown

Series Review - The Crown
Series Review – The Crown

Mira Abdul Samad
Contributing Writer

“The Crown” is a historical series that stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as her devoted husband Prince Phillip. “The Crown” is set in the post-World War II era and deals with British internal and foreign affairs, and more importantly, focuses on answering the question most people have inquired: What does it mean to wear the crown?

  Throughout the ten episodes of the first season, familial and political relationships are explored and it is intriguing to see the emotions and struggles behind the historically decisive actions that Queen Elizabeth II makes.

  This is a fantastic series, and it is apparent to viewers that every cent of the $160-million-dollar budget was spent wisely. The settings and the props used look real and genuine and are heightened by magnificent directing.

  Each scene is carefully thought out, and the all-star cast shines by bringing their characters to life, whether it is the stuttering King George VI (Jared Harris), the popular Winston Churchill (John Lithgow), or the intelligent Queen Elizabeth II. Every line uttered by the characters is bolstered by incredible visuals that leave viewers absolutely mesmerized.

  The series almost seems arrogant, with the producers having predicted a six-season run. Yet, the viewers know that this is an incredible period drama and that the series needs not remain modest, for it knows its own greatness.

  The best aspect of “The Crown” by far is the script. This is a period drama, which means that there is very little action going on. However, we can see Queen Elizabeth’s growth as a character and as a Queen by the way she handles the family scandals and other issues she encounters.

  The script humanizes the characters in a way that can appeal to the viewers and allows them to generate emotions towards the great monarchy. The series reminds us that members of the royal family are humans too, and the production of the script truly distinguishes this period drama from the countless others. This is not the first time that an audiovisual adaptation of Queen Elizabeth II’s life has been made, but this series is destined to stand out because of its sophistication.

  “The Crown” wasn’t made to glorify the monarchs, nor was it made to shun them. It is merely a deeper look into the royal family that played a large role in history, one that we as bystanders could never see. Celebrated characters are humanized to generate a sense of sympathy and understanding towards their actions. This series constantly thrives for perfection in every aspect, leaving viewers with little to complain about.

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