A Heartwarming Visit to The Ladies in Pink at The Bargain Box

Rea Haddad
Staff Writer

  What is better than new? Vintage. Vintage for a cause.

  Three days a week, the Bargain Box in AUBMC opens its doors to sell used items like jewels, books, clothes, bags, appliances etc. in order to raise funds for patients in the care of pediatrics.

 Bargain Box AUBMC The ladies in pink are active members in the Women’s Auxiliary of the American University of Beirut. Since 1952, they’ve been happily running the second-hand store. They are still dubbed the ladies in pink, 64 years later, because most of them wear pink lab coat-like robes. The story behind their traditional apparel is due to the fact that they used to serve coffee and sodas to patients at the hospital proudly wearing these same pink robes.

  Enthusiastic and energetic, the aged women open the Bargain Box Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 to 12pm. Pay them a visit and find yourself lost in a frenzy of timeworn books or a mess of old sweaters. The items are in a good reusable condition and are sold at an affordable, even cheap price. The store accepts money donations, books, clothes, accessories, etc.

  Their location is a bit tricky; the hidden jewel is down the stairs of the Issam Fares Auditorium and to the right, between the AUB garage and the St. Jude’s cancer center.

 Outlook paid them a visit recently to discover what makes this place so special. We discovered that The Bargain Box is their treasured possession; the women’s eyes filled with pride and joy, as if they were talking about their own grandchildren.

  This shop contributes to the happiness of these women. Young at heart, their overwhelming dedication is a gift often times lost at an old age. Their dedication to the success of the Bargain Box, coupled with their positive energy, is beyond words.

  We, often anxious and frustrated nowadays, forget gratitude and worry fast about being productive. In a fast-paced world, the sight of these women alive and on their feet is heartwarming and refreshing.

  As the Daily Star reported in 2000, Zelda Deeb said, “We never quit, we worked hard in the war years.” It is amazing how even now, she was all smiles, up and running and full of excitement to tell us more about the Bargain Box.

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