Rumors spread concerning Apple Glasses

Lynn Cheikh Moussa

Lifestyle Editor

Recent rumors have been buzzing around the Internet about the possibility of a new Apple product. This product isn’t the typical Apple product, because Apple might just be giving augmented reality a shot by making the first-ever Apple glasses.

  Back in July, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook expressed interest in augmented reality after the success of Pokemon Go. Apple also has AR (augmented reality) patents that it uses for things like street view in mapping apps. These rumors might not be too far from reality in this case, as Apple glasses might actually be the company’s first shot at augmented reality.

  The device is rumored to be able to connect wirelessly to iPhones, like the Apple watch, in addition to showing images and information in the wearer’s field of vision. Apple has been rumored to have already discussed this project with potential suppliers, and has ordered a small amount to be tested. There remains no sign of mass production, so it seems like the product is still in a primary trial phase.

  This brings back a few memories. Remember Google glasses? A while back, Google glasses took the world by storm. Videos circulated social media of the advantages of Google glasses, but what exactly led to the downfall of this highly anticipated product?

   It seems that the disadvantages of Google glasses far outweighed its advantages as the product famously flopped. This was due partially to its tiny battery, and partially due to the fact that the product received privacy backlash and poor public perception of its external design.

  This failure caused quite a bustle in the technological world, as many companies steered away from AR and largely began focusing on VR. Indeed, AR is a very technologically challenging thing to accomplish, and Apple would have to work very hard if it hopes to create a successful product. The company’s challenge is to create a pair of internet-connected glasses that are sleek and wearable.

  Yet this challenge might just be one Apple can take on, since the company has a reputation for taking on difficult technical challenges that other companies have struggled with and creating easy-access products. The first ever iPhone made touch screens mainstream, and fingerprint technology was simplified when Apple created a new unlocking mechanism for the iPhone.

  Not much can be said now about the product, since it is still rumored and theoretical, and we don’t know if it will actually go into production. It would be enjoyable to see Apple give it a try, and would be even more so if it actually succeeded.

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