Series Review: American Horror Story Season 6

Mira Abdul Samad
Staff Writer

  The sixth season of the ever-so popular TV series “American Horror Story” has yet again delivered with its diverse and eclectic plot.

  Season six follows an interracial couple, Matt Miller (Andre Holland) and Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe) who have been scared out of their L.A. home and find safety in a remote house in North Carolina. The series is presented as a documentary-reality TV-show called “My Roanoke Nightmare,” that stars Audrey Tindall as Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Dominic Banks as Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Shortly after settling into their new home, Matt and Shelby begin to experience paranormal activity.

  After two seasons of lackluster characters and dull plots, season six reassures loyal fans of the show that “American Horror Story” is back and better than ever. This season proves AHS’s true worth through its creative and unique plot, its intriguing characters, and brilliant script. Every episode leaves viewers stunned and craving for more as each cliffhanger is delivered.

  This season is a fresh new take on reality TV, providing us with the behind-the-scenes of reality TV shows through the depiction of the malicious producer Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson). Additionally, this season puts “Game of Thrones” to shame (you know why, *wink*) as the plot unravels.

  The characters in season 6 are very much alive and afraid. Those watching can sense their fear as they come to accept the supernatural and paranormal activity as their own terrifying reality, putting the horror back in “American Horror Story.” AHS rightfully helps us understand the characters’ personalities and choices of action as the story unfolds and their back stories are revealed. However, it is through their actions that we horrifyingly witness them grow and understand the extent to which people will go to protect themselves. This season goes a step further, violating viewers’ comfort and bombarding them with shocking content.

  The season finale is grandiose as the characters are lead to their unruly end and plotlines uncovered in season two are reopened. This season of AHS is a balanced and perfect combination of cult classic horrors such as “The Shining” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Never once do viewers experience a déja-vu thanks to the fresh angle this series took (a reality TV show within a TV show). This season has a high rank by AHS’s impressive standards, coming in second place after “Asylum.”

  One must forgive and forget “American Horror Story”’s last two seasons.“Roanoke” makes up for them and more. ac-series-review-american-horror-story-season-6

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