What Could Trump’s Win Mean For Scandal Season 6?

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  Since its inception in 2012, “Scandal” has used many of its episodes to portray events or issues that occur in this world, especially in the USA. The unfair murder of a black teenager that resulted in a law change, the rape of women in the US military, the unequal pay between men and women, and the murder of the wife of the British heir by the Queen of Britain were all events that were characterizing many currently occurring controversies, with the later one making a crucial impact on the audience.

  Interestingly, the series sent all these messages through characters belonging to the Republican Party. The main character, Olivia Pope, an African American lady, spent most of the episodes working for the benefit of the Republican Party, all while showing her strong character and power.

  During its fifth season, “Scandal” used its character Hollis Doyle, Republican candidate for presidential nomination, in order to make another representation. Doyle was a billionaire who was using racial slurs and xenophobic rhetoric to attract the voters. It was not hard to notice how Doyle’s character was actually a representation of Donald Trump. Doyle’s attack on immigrants, his big money, and his lack of political experience where all characteristics that the current president-elect of the USA holds.

  Doyle was competing for the Republican nomination against former first lady, Senator Mellie Grant  – who also seemed to be a representation of Hillary Clinton –  and current Vice President, Susan Ross. Doyle was actually on the way towards winning the nomination by using almost the same strategies that Trump used.

  However, the main character Olivia Pope took a video recording of him secretly telling her that he was just telling people “what they wanted to hear.” He was not stating his convictions, he was just doing what was needed to get votes. Likewise, this is what most people think Trump actually did. Many elaborated that Trump will not follow up with his statements about banning Muslims from entering the country after he became president.

  After the recording was leaked, Doyle stepped down from the presidential race, leaving Ross and Grant battling for the republican nomination. However, Trump ended up winning the presidential elections. He will be inaugurated as the USA’s forty-fifth  president, on January 20, 2017; one day after “Scandal”’s sixth season premieres. The premiere was delayed due to the pregnancy of the main actor Kerry Washington.

  The big question is therefore the following: Has Scandal actually lost a bet when Trump won? And what could his victory mean to the series?

  In the end, this result may not have any impact on the series’ plot, as director Shonda Rhymes has already sent enough of a message through what has been depicted. On the other hand, the fact that Trump won, could mean that more messages will be sent and that more related issues will be represented. One would therefore wonder if there will be other portrayals of Trump through, perhaps, other governmental positions, since Trump’s mentality has proven to be very widespread, and it might have severe effects on the country after his inauguration.

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  1. pathetic abc should have stuck with hollis winning to make it real .Thing is they also never thought trump would win and the country is doing great (market up 5k in a year ,1st time in a decade we had over 3% gdp in back to back quarters,(just getting warmed up) ,isis is devastated and out of Iraq/Syria ,less illegals entering through our borders (down 70% from last president ect
    Bottom line with most tv news coverage always against trump and tv series like above trying to get democrats elected and most movies dealing out democratic talking points they still cant win
    People see through the bias / fake media …..just say’in

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