WonderGaap launches ‘Soda on the Roof’ at Grand factory

Samir Ghobril
Staff Writer

  The graffiti on the wall read “Floor 1/6”. As the Grand Factory’s elevator rose, the graffiti indicated so, and the music got louder and louder. WonderGaap had already started playing. Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)” was being covered, and the closer the elevator got to the top floor, the better the cover sounded.

  A group of people were huddled in front of the stage, excited by the band’s performance. Kevin Abboud, the drummer, managed to make his presence felt while hidden in the back without any sort of elevation. Michel Maouad, guitarist, and Ribal Moujaes, bass, provided sounds that supported each song well without feeling too imposing. The mixing job was impressive, definitely up to par, as the sounds mingled together extremely well.

  And that’s saying something, because on top of bass, drums and guitar was Rayan Sayegh, WonderGaap’s frontman and singer, controlling a number of synthesizers that really set the mood. His handling of the equipment was stellar. Trebly synth leads entered at just the right times, giving songs a much more melodic feel, while mid-range chords aided the guitarist in pulling the concert-goers into the music.

  The singing was also an essential part of the music, though Rayan sort of fell off-tune when he decided to cover an Arcade Fire song that isn’t vocally easy after thirty minutes of non-stop singing. That, however, wasn’t a problem and took nothing away from the experience, as the performance still sounded great regardless.

  The crowd sure seemed to agree that it did. While C U NXT SAT never quite fills up at 9:30 p.m., almost every person at the club at the time seemed incredibly joyful. Arms were swinging and bodies were jumping, as WonderGaap played covers as well as originals from their new EP: Macarta, Tellit, To the Meadow, Poseidon, and Game Over.

  The whole atmosphere felt dynamic, and the concert felt like a give-and-take between the crowd and the band.

  As the concert came to an end, the audience let out a loud, final cheer. WonderGaap’s EP release had been a success, and everybody at the club felt it. People approached band members to say how much they enjoyed it, while others supported the band by buying their new EP right there at the Grand Factory.

  We braced ourselves for the party to come, and WonderGaap really got us in the mood. We were pumped.

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