Ed Sheeran is Back!

Shirine Dimachkie

Staff Writer

  The long-awaited return of the British Pop singer Ed Sheeran happened on Friday, January 6. After a one year hiatus, the singer released two singles after saying it was because he has “been away for a bit.”

  Since their release, the two songs “The Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of you” have had millions of views and have been on top of the charts in Europe and the US.

  In the song “Shape of You,” Sheeran approaches the pure pop territory with a bolder beat and overly sexual lyrics. To the thrill of his audience on social media, his comeback song combines his last two hit singles “Thinking out Loud” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.”

  The British singer/songwriter confesses to having had plans for a collaboration with Rihanna on this track, although he quickly changed his mind and decided to take it on solo. We must say we are quite glad for that decision. His iconic and heart-touching vocals, mixed with this upbeat track and his unique rapping, creates this unusual, yet catchy song.

  On another note, the completely different, yet similarly appealing song “The Castle on the Hill” gives off a rather different vibe to the listeners than Sheeran’s previous work. It all seems bigger in scope and is somehow reminiscent of a Coldplay song, one that is performed live in an arena to an audience consisting of thousands of people.

  As he sings about his hometown Suffolk, the heartfelt lyrics are extremely noticeable. Sheeran talks about his childhood memories and his family, with the song reflecting on a very personal and private side of him that isn’t usually revealed in his other hits. “The Castle on the Hill” is delightful, and shows off the singer’s great vocals as it takes us on a nostalgic road trip into Sheeran’s life.

  If these new singles prove anything, it is that Ed Sheeran has planned a great year for himself and his fans. His previous album “X” showed us the diversity of his music and these two new singles only reaffirm that anything can be expected of him.

  He recently also published the dates for the shows of his European Tour, which will kick off in March. Fingers crossed that he decides on a World tour soon!

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