The First Boy to Make it on CoverGirl

Leen Farhat

Staff Writer

With every year that passes, gender equality seems to become more of a reality than an ideal. Last October, cosmetic brand CoverGirl  announced their first male spokesperson, James Charles.

In a fast moving world, Charles’ position becomes a symbol for a generation. The Feminist community has nurtured a warm heart and an open mind for every individual who is supporting this fight towards equality. The young man became a symbol of a whole generation by assuming a position in an industry that has a reputation of being all female.

Charles is a dedicated makeup artist. Not only does he excel in applying winged eyeliner, he defies social constructs by blurring the boundaries between what genders can and can’t do.

Although still in High School, the young man already started building a career in the cosmetics industry. CoverGirl is well known for appointing celebrities as representatives of their brand.

“All of our CoverGirls’ are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe, and redefining what it means to be beautiful. James Charles is no exception,” they declared in a statement.

Charles discovered his love and passion for makeup towards the end of his teenage years. His friend had missed her makeup appointment for a high school dance, and he was the one doing her makeup. He had been watching makeup tutorials, and the outcome of his work was more than successful.

Charles started practicing more on his friends before taking it to his own face. His career boomed when he decided to create an Instagram account to showcase his makeup skills. When Halloween and other occasions that allowed him to spice it up came around, Charles experimented with makeup and costumes, letting his creativity and art break free.

When asked what he can offer to CoverGirl, Charles said, “I love to do glam. But I also love a lot of creative, outside-of-the-box stuff. The fact that I am the first boy is so cool. It shows that the industry is actually becoming genderless.”

After Charles’ entry to the makeup industry on Instagram, several men dared to make the move and recreate some looks. Indeed, a few months later, Many Gutierrez, a makeup Youtuber, became the first male muse of the new Maybelline mascara.

With his bold entry and appearance to what is considered a “female-oriented” field, Charles became an inspiration in the makeup industry. He chose to express himself in his own artistic way and let his work speak by itself.

Instead of complying to gender norms, he did not let the patriarchal system get in the way of his passion and dreams.

Although the path to success is not always easy and smooth, Charles proves that perseverance and hard work always pay off.farhat-l-covergirl

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