VP on VP: Khalifeh shares his experience with former USFC Vice President

Hussein Khachfe
Staff Writer

Hussein Khachfe, the former USFC Vice President of 2015-2016, sat down with this year’s appointed VP for the USFC, Mohamad Khalifeh to get insight on his recent activities as well as his general attitude towards the position.

Q1: What was the main reason that encouraged you to nominate yourself as the VP?

For the same reason they made me run for USFC in the first place, because personally I believe that when I am more involved in the decision-making process, real change can be obtained.

 Q2:  What are your comments on the new electoral law that was used for this year’s elections?

Definitely the proportionality law that was implemented as of this year is better than the previous majoritarian one. It allowed for a wider participation of all clubs in AUB and a fairer representation.

 Q3: Do you have any plans that you wish to implement personally? If so, please explain more.  

Everything I am aiming for is already mentioned in my platform, but in specific I would like to implement a new idea regarding registration. The idea would allow every student to have an equal chance for registering in a particular course, which in turn would prevent reserving courses and thus decreases the pressures being forced on departments during the add and drop period.

 Q4: How do you plan on making the USFC a more homogenous body, especially after such a tense election season this year?

We as the USFC body agreed that every member should forget about the previous tensions and any history that would hinder the progress of the USFC and work as a team for the sake of AUB and the students.

 Q5: Do you have any plans to increase communication with the student body?

I am hoping we can arrange for town hall meetings to occur regularly so students can know more about the role of the USFC and what we are doing and maybe then students can be directly involved in proposing solutions and plans for the university via the USFC.

Q6: How is the USFC working towards more transparency?

By attempting to post the minutes of meetings on the AUB USFC page as soon as possible and making use of our social media outlets, so students would be well aware of all updates concerning the USFC.

Q7: Are you facing any struggles by administration or USFC peers?

Thankfully no, every member is being cooperative, which is an important factor in our route to achieve more and more success.

 Q8: How has the position helped you so far?

Being elected as the VP, I became closer to every member of the committee which enhanced communication with other members, thus leading to a better approach to discuss proposals and hopefully this will result in good outcomes in the future.

 Q9: What are your thoughts on this year’s committee?

As mentioned above, I have nothing to say other than being thankful for having such a cooperative team.

 Q10: What have you already accomplished till now?

I think it is still too early to mention our accomplishments up till now considering the minimal number of meetings that have been held, but I can assure you that we are doing our best to put things on the right track, which will surely lead to many accomplishments in the near future.

3 thoughts on “VP on VP: Khalifeh shares his experience with former USFC Vice President

  1. How full of yourself do you have to be to write an article about yourself with such a title. AUB students should just call these guys kings not VPs, I think they would both be more comfortable that way. And by the way this “interview” contains 0 actual content. Like when otv interviews aoun

  2. Hussein Khachfe

    - Edit


    Dear Yehia,

    First, I didnt choose the article title so chill.

    Second, I didnt write an article about myself. Its an interview with the new VP.

    Stop the hate, if you want to talk i’m all ears and ready to have a conversation for as long as you want. But posting a hateful comment just doesn’t get you anywhere honestly.

  3. Hello Hussein
    Thank you for taking the time of writing this article
    But i have to say that the interview seems a bit incomplete, indeed why did you not ask Mohammad why their has been a “minimal number of meetings”?
    Secondly, concerning meeting minutes, why did you not ask him about minutes for the first, third and fourth meeting which to the best of my knowledge are yet to be available. Also, I was looking at the minutes for meeting 2, and I noticed that Mohamad Khalifeh did not at all contribute to the meeting. Shouldn’t you have asked him why he did not participate in the discussions of the meeting?
    Thirdly, why did you not ask him about his lack of communication with the student body, why is the Treasurer the one always talking in behalf of the USFC?
    Fourthly, “For the same reason they made me run for USFC” you should have him asked who is “they”?
    Finally, whoever edited the article should have specified that Hussein Khachfe only was VP for a month, as his predecessor had to travel. Hence, he cannot be called “USFC Vice President of 2015-2016”.

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