ASCE does it again: Winter Camp at Saviour Monastery – Joun

Abbass NasserDin
Arabic Sports Editor

As part of its attempt at exposing students to the working environment while serving a humanitarian cause, ASCE-AUB organized a winter camp in “Saviour Monastery” from January 3 till January 7.
The monastery, which is located in Joun, South Lebanon, is both a boarding school and a place of worship. Thirty-five students headed towards Joun, fully-energized and ready to use the hands-on experience they had acquired from previous ASCE camps to finish their work properly and on time.
Upon initial inspection of the monastery,  the students realized that the rooms, including those where the children slept, were unhygienic and in poor conditions. As a result of the humidity and rainfall, walls were suffering from severe water penetration, which posed considerable risks on the children’s health and made the rooms unsuitable for living or learning in.
Winter camp students exerted extensive efforts to restore the walls by applying a new layer of plaster and paint. This not only secured waterproofing, but it also made the rooms more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, volunteers painted stair railings, which were previously in poor condition, throughout the building. All in all, each student worked for a total of 21 hours.
Throughout the camp, students were working hand in hand as to achieve the best possible outcome. This further strengthened the bond between them and improved their teamwork skills. However, working was not the only way students spent their time, they also enjoyed doing fun activities and ended their camp with a lunch at a restaurant. They went back to Beirut with unforgettable memories.
What is special about this specific camp is the noticeable involvement of the students and their unprecedented enthusiasm, which was met with awe from the camp organizers. These students were always eager to help, and also expressed their will to be involved in further ASCE activities. They also vowed to be as enthusiastic as the current ASCE organizers when they replace them in a couple of years.
The winter camp is yet another example of how ASCE provides civil engineers the chance to exercise what they are really meant to do: serve the people and the civil society!

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