Series Review: The OA

Mira Abdul Samad

Staff Writer


How does one go about reviewing “The OA” without giving away any details from the plot because it will in one way or another spoil it?

In a nutshell: Prairie aka The OA (Brit Marling) reappears after being gone for seven years, believed to be kidnapped. However, there is a major difference between the Prairie before the disappearance and after, being that the former is blind and the latter regains her sight.

That’s pretty much all that can be given away, at least all the information one needs to start this incredible show.

The creators, Brit Marling and Zal Bitmanglij (big names in the indie scene), spent approximately three to four years working on the premise of this show, between calculating and figuring out the intricate details to give the audience one of the greatest storytelling experiences.

There is an unexplainable magic this series exerts on its viewers, hooking the truly passionate and fascinated to this show, ultimately incurring a ‘binge’ experience.

Those who are skeptical of the show’s premise or are uninterested when certain things that occur seem impossible are detached and unstimulated by the series. Another factor to take note of is that this show deals with a lot of ideas that have been denied and bashed for many years, which is why it’s one of those series that you either love or hate.  

One of the greatest aspects of this series is the way the story-telling in each episode hypnotizes the audience and places them in the very shoes of OA. In each episode, more and more about the OA is revealed to us, the humble viewers. And all we can do is sit, listen and watch. Her story is one of devastation, loss, sight, bravery, and love. And every single one of those nouns is expressed to us time and time again, as we are compelled to keep listening to and believing her.

The acting, directing, and script writing are very vital to this show because they are vital in truly bringing forth the series.

We have to believe that this show is real, which is extremely peculiar because it’s obviously fake. However, if you (the audience) don’t believe her, the OA, then you will not be able to experience the magic that is constantly being exerted by her. As crazy as that sounds, belief is one of the bigger issues this show tackles, both in the show and for the potential viewers.

Very, very few shows have existed or exist at all that are similar to the power of The OA.

The way that the show grips the audience is truly an experience one will unlikely forget. Marling and Bitmanglij have certainly provided us with one of the greatest series that has ever existed, and to accomplish what they have with this show is commendable by any and all means.

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