5 tips to stay sane during exam period

Demi Korban

News Editor


Ski slopes sparkle with fresh snow, glittering under the warm light rays of the winter sun. This dreamy scenery appears so close, yet so far, because believe it or not, exams and quizzes are already around the corner.

As the professors begin to discuss exam material and format, students naturally feel stress taking over their bodies. However, there are several methods to relieve this monstrous feeling during exam period.

It only takes little tweaks to your mindset and routine to get over the stressors, which is why Outlook took the time to work on 5 tips to keep you relaxed. Remember that this could also apply to anytime you are feeling stressed throughout the semester, and not only during exam period.

  1. Have a Manouche Zaatar:

We all love devouring a fresh and doughy manouche and the good catch is that it comes with great benefits as well. The combined ingredients of zaatar being sumac, thyme and oregano are rich in flavonoids, which protect against cell damage and boost brain activity. At only LL1,000, you can enjoy a breakfast that will help you ace your exam.

  1. Listen to a Soothing Song:

Music has the capability of changing your mood regularly from sad, to happy, to excited and to relaxed. During exams and when stress kicks in, the easiest way out is to listen to a few songs that laze you. Some personal favorites include Strawberry Swing by Coldplay, Sweet Harmony by The Beloved, Feels by Giraffage, and Deadwater by Wet.

  1. Take Breaks while Studying:

As much as you try to, it is literally impossible to digest all the information you have learned over a month or two in a couple of consecutive hours. This is why you should try to take around 15 minutes breaks after each hour of intense studying. It is pretty similar to your university schedule anyway. Imagine studying all day without any breaks: it will only increase stress, rather than relieve it.

  1. Don’t Overnight:

No matter how late you are, never ever pull an allnighter prior to your exam. You will only end up exhausted and powerless, which will affect your brain capacity during the exam. Instead, sleep for at least 6 hours to wake up feeling refreshed and capable of cheering your way through the exam.

  1. Enjoy a Yoga Class:

Halfway through your study schedule, enroll in a yoga class, or even practice a few poses from your home to soothe all the tensions in your body. Bring out the zen in you, while the blood circulates through your body and relaxes your system.

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