Samsung and Apple Fight For the Smartphone Crown

Sam Jo

Staff Writer

With the rapid growth and development of the smartphone industry, the competition between companies such as Apple and Samsung has become intense and full of twists and turns. Each year, both giants try to come up with innovative features to create the perfect smartphone. 2017 will be no exception.

Indeed, 10 years ago, Apple released their first iPhone. Samsung followed two years later with the Samsung Galaxy in 2009.

For Samsung, 2017 is a crucial year, as they aim to show their customers why their product is still the best, despite the Note 7 debacle.

Apple will also use this year to regain their fans’ trust. Many were disappointed with the iPhone 7, due to the lack of any major improvements in the design and hardware.

The upcoming Galaxy S8 will be announced on March 29, whereas the iPhone 8 will be revealed in September, only 6 months later.

According to many technology magazines, speculation articles, and experts’ opinions, the S8 will come in two variants, with a 5.8” and 6.2” display. What differentiates this phone from its ancestors is that the display will have virtually no bezels on the top and bottom. This would increase the screen-to-body ratio, to guarantee a pleasant user experience.

The S8 is also rumored to be equipped with stereo speakers on the sides, and leaks suggest that Samsung will keep the headphone jack. The company also plans on improving security measures.

The improved iris scanner will be implemented on the S8, along with the fingerprint scanner.

Lastly, analysts predict a new Artificial Intelligence program for the S8 called “Bixby,” claiming to be a direct competitor of Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant. The unique features of Bixby are that it can control applications, handle payments, and support up to seven different languages.

Although the iPhone 8 is still many months away, a plethora of rumors flooded the internet, giving a clear picture of its future appearance. So far, it appears that Apple will include wireless charging in their future flagships. An improved version of the water resistance feature also seems to be offered. In addition, we may also witness a complete redesign that will make the new iPhones look like a “slab of glass,” according to Jon Ive, the Chief Design Officer of Apple.

Another leak confirmed that Apple will develop a new battery technology called stacked logic board layout. To put it simply, several layers will be available in the battery to hold more charge and enable the phone to store more energy.

The iPhone 8 will thus last longer, even though it will have a smaller battery than the iPhone 7 Plus.

With these leaks and rumors in mind, it is quite clear that there is a never-ending war going on between the two main smartphone giants, both wanting to reach the zenith in their technological advancements.

However, the question of which company will be crowned the “King of the Smartphone Industry” in 2017 still remains. For now, let the games begin.

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