Acoté: mellow out with cozy food

Demi Korban

News Editor


What’s love got to do with it, they asked. A passion for creativity is what allowed Acoté to stand out from the rest of the gourmet restos that surround it in the area of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze.

For your next cozy date during the month of March, Acoté is the place to go. The restaurant’s European feel reminds the customer of a French bistro, but what really differentiates the restaurant from others of the same genre is the range of menu items that are far from ordinary.

Acoté is one of three restaurants; Prune, Acoté sushi, and Acoté, which share the same parent company. Customers can thus choose from the menus of each of the desired restaurants and order from any of the three places.

Prune is made for more sophisticated outings and is specialized in more elaborated dishes, while Acote proposes a more relaxed atmosphere with a wide range of sandwiches. Acoté sushi, as its name clearly indicates it, offers various sushis, makis, and a variety of Japanese specialities.

Not only does that widen the choice of meals, but friends will feel more comfortable in choosing a cuisine that is not appealing to you, such as sushi.

One of the most well known items from Acoté is surely their Lobster Roll. Being of the few places that offer Lobster in Beirut, Acoté’s recipe celebrates a unique character.

In terms of taste, it has some flaws but they are overshadowed by better strengths. For example, the consistency of the lobster was quite variable because of the method of cooking. Some of the pieces were dry and chewy, and others were as smooth as silk.

What makes it so special is the secret recipe they use as a dressing for the lobster roll.

Acoté also offers a range of salads, sandwiches and desserts. The goat cheese and figs salad remains the most desired salad at the restaurant.

The salad is quite overrated, but rich in exclusive ingredients, such as the candied figs they use. Not only is it a pleasant dish for the eyes, but the different ingredients tickle the palate with an explosion of flavor.

Acoté also has the perfect end to the meal, the lost bread which is fresh, creamy, steamy, and permeating with caramel.

Keep it in mind for the next time around the city for a night full of chat and cheer.

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