ASCE-AUB closes gap between students and professors with coffee chat

Anastasia Bustros
Contributing Writer

ASCE-AUB student chapter set up a meeting between undergraduates, fresh graduates and professors on Tuesday, February 28, in IOEC with its annual Coffee Chat event.

The event garnered around 100 attendees between people who dedicated time to share their work experiences and students who came in looking for answers regarding their academic and professional future.

Although the gathering mainly targeted E3 and E4 students, a good number of sophomores and E2 students showed interest. The event began with the society’s Secretary Hala Sanboskani and the Membership Committee Chair Bilal Abu Ghali introducing the guest speakers, which included Aram Yeretzian, Ph.D., Bilal Hamad, Ph.D., and Mayssa Dabaghi, Ph.D., as well as graduates such as David Kiomejian, Fatima Sakka, and Joell Khalife.

Afterwards, students gathered around graduates and professors to enquire about civil engineering fields they were interested in and willing to pursue a career in. The organizers made sure all civil engineering fields were covered by one or more specialized engineer. From construction managers and contractor administrators, to geotechnical, design and transportation engineers, all were present during the event.

Additionally, graduates from various backgrounds and working fields, such as Dar Al Handasah, Mabani, SKP, ACC, AceCo and others also attended the Coffee Chat.

The ASCE-AUB event brought together academia and social life, matching young students with minimal knowledge and experience in civil engineering with professors who have worked in the professional field or academia for a lifetime. Moreover, the students had a chance to look at the fun side of their professors, and learn about their characters outside the confines of their classrooms.

The Coffee Chat was another event by ASCE that could build bridges between students and professors, while exposing and empowering its members to the post-graduate life.

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