AUB Athlete of the Week: Nora Darwich

Hussein Khachfe

Staff Writer


For as long as Nora Darwich can remember, football has been all what her life has  revolved around. Joining the AUB Futsal team upon entering the university, then, was an easy choice for her.

“I’ve been playing football since the second grade, so when I arrived at AUB it felt almost natural to join the Futsal Varsity Team, since there is no football team,” said Darwich.

The practices, the sore legs, the tireless efforts and the sweat are all part of what this AUB athlete goes through on a weekly basis considering the level of competition involved in Futsal leagues and contests, but she certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

“After joining and participating in university futsal league, we found out it is very competitive and the team enjoys the competition as a whole,” said Darwich.

Being a dedicated athlete takes a lot of effort, but Darwich manages to stay on top of things in both the academic front and on the field.

Time management, according to Darwich, is probably the easiest part, especially because she is a part of a complete team. The trainings and games do not take too much time and do not really interfere with her pursual of an undergraduate Psychology degree.

She also added that having awards such as the “Student – Athlete Award” encourages students to find a balance between sports and academia, as it requires students to maintain a certain GPA -as well as good athletic performance -to be eligible to win such an award.

Nora Darwich claimed the fruit of her labor by winning the “Student – Athlete Award” in her first year at AUB. She also encourages everyone who has the passion to divulge in any sport to do so.

She also discussed what she believes is the most important and valuable part of being an athlete: team spirit.

“It’s very important to be part of a team, it isn’t just about the physical labor, it’s about the discipline and commitment,” said Darwich. “You win together and lose together and what joins everyone is that they have one goal in common: to be the very best.”

Student athletes at AUB have proved themselves to be one of our assets because of their continuous efforts and great achievements. Nora Darwich is one of those athletes.

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