Elections are underway, make sure you’re eligible

Ragheb Raad
Sports Editor


The list of eligible voters for the 2017 parliamentary elections were published online earlier this February on the official General Directorate of Personal Status website, www.dgps.gov.lb. With many AUB students arriving at the legal voting age, it becomes essential to understand how to ensure that one is eligible for voting.

The elections are set for May 21, which is the why age eligibility only includes all the people born before April 1, 1996.

All the people fitting this age criterion are advised to check their names on the voters list.

After entering the site, you select the electoral lists tab (“القوائم الإنتخابية”), afterwards you choose your mohafaza, then your district (“قضاء”) and then your village.

You will then be guided to a page, where you should choose your sect and gender.

A married woman should choose her husband’s sect and not hers.

Then, you will see the lists of all the voters that fit the information you have chosen.

The list contains the date of birth and the parents’ names. You need to make sure that all of this information is actually correct, especially when it comes to age and gender, because this is where mistakes mostly occur.

A simple number can make you forty years older, so when the electoral proctors see this difference, they wouldn’t allow you to vote.

When it comes to gender, some names like “Farah” or “Nour” are associated with both genders, so if the gender you are associated with on the list is different from your actual gender, then you will not be allowed to vote.

Also, sometimes mistakes happen that your name might not even be included on the voters’ list.

In case you notice any similar discrepancies, make sure to reach your village’s mokhtar before March 10 so that these mistakes are fixed, otherwise you will lose your right to vote.

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