Why Are We Uncomfortable Talking About Women?

Laudy Issa



This week’s issue of Outlook is packed with feminism.

“Should we run this many pieces on the subject?” I asked myself, unsure whether my question is a legitimate editorial one or if it is the result of some unknown, deep-rooted discomfort with having such open dialogue on a subject our society often tells us is unimportant.

Women had been excluded from the discourse and dialogue for years, and we are brought up to believe it’s only natural that half the world’s population remain quiet and complacent. We have normalized so many things that make us uncomfortable, but the time for speaking out and affirming our presence is now. It’s happening all around the world for the International Women’s Day.

The English and Arabic Opinions sections have powerful pieces on the Women’s March taking place in Beirut this Saturday, March 11. The event is the result of the collaborative effort of several intertwined feminist and women’s rights networks.

“Should I write yet another editorial on women?” I also asked myself, although no doubt should exist when it comes to spreading awareness about any form of inequality.

This issue of Outlook is a statement. We need to keep talking about women until we are comfortable doing so.


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