AUB Athlete of the Week: Firas Safa

Hussein Khachfe

Staff Writer


Being a student activist, an engineering undergrad, and an athlete seems like an improbable combination, but Firas Safa makes it a reality.

Safa, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student, was a member of the AUB Men’s Football Varsity Team for three years and is currently a member of the Men’s Futsal Varsity team.

“I had been in the AUB Football Varsity team ever since my first semester at AUB, a successful time during which we won the Universities League and the International Tournament in Athens, as well as several other honors,” said Safa when asked about this shift of team. “During my third year on the team, I suffered a groin injury that hampered my season and made it difficult to break into the starting team again. As hard as it was to leave my teammates whom I thought of as my second family, I thought I had to start a new chapter.”

Safa believed his skills and capabilities were well-suited for Futsal, a completely different sport, so he joined the AUB Futsal team at the beginning of this year. “I instantly hit the ground running and got accustomed to the sport, and have been in the starting team for the past few months and I am currently one of the team’s top scorers,” said Safa. “It is safe to say that shifting was the right decision and that I do not regret it.”

He added on the injury saying that even though it hampered his football journey, he would not have found this passion he had towards futsal and he would not have entered this domain if it weren’t because of it. This made the injury a blessing in disguise.

Safa is currently the President of the Engineering Student Society. He believes that the perfect combination for students is a good balance between academia, sports and student activities. All of these can be done with well-organized time management. He also added that being involved in student life at AUB is the best experience that one can get and it gets people ready for real life.

To Safa, leadership, teamwork, and communication that are developed in sports teams and in student activities cannot be acquired anywhere else.

“The hours you put in organizing an event or practicing for a game create a sense of unity between team members,” said Safa. “These skills are ones you carry with you after you graduate.”

He added that being part of several cabinets has made him the well-rounded individual he is today and has given him new perspectives and skills.
“If I can do it, anyone can,” he added. “I urge everyone to find what they like and go seek it. We have a lot of organizations in AUB that can encompass everyone.”

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