Five affordable and casual restaurants every student should try

Katy Terro

Contributing Writer


Between studying, working on projects, going out with friends or family, and breathing, university students find it extremely hard to balance a healthy life. On top of that, the daily expenses they have to make can be deadly. So, what is the best escape? Food, and especially, good food at fair prices.


Here are five affordable restaurants to visit in Lebanon for a casual hangout.


1) Sandwiched:

Sandwiched is well known for having cheap prices for extremely good meals. From pizzas to burgers and special rolls, any type of food that can cross the mind has its place on the menu. The restaurant also offers many great light options and delicious burgers, a personal favorite being the honey mustard chicken burger. Sandwiched also offers new food concepts like the “Sharing Rolls,” which are very good and substantial enough for two. The smoked salmon rolls in particular taste just like sushi.

2) Appetito Trattoria:


Who would expect that in the crooks of Hamra Street one would stumble upon this hidden gem of a restaurant? The exquisite and tasty food combined with the wonderful décor give the impression of being in Italy, making it a must for a visit. Whether for date night or group hangouts, the place is calm and the music is soothing. One of the best parts of dining in Appetito Trattoria is watching the chef prepare the pizza in front of the customers; surely their pizza can be ranked as one of the most authentic Italian pizzas in Lebanon. The Margherita pizza and the Calzone pizza are definitely worth trying.


3) Colonel Beer:


For those looking to escape the city to a peaceful place to relax and study, Colonel is the answer. Located in the middle of the beautiful city of Batroun, away from the loud noises of cars and traffic, Colonel is a brewery which serves freshly made local beers. The place has an indoor seating for the cold days and an outdoors area perfect during sunny summer days. Customers can sit anywhere and study while enjoying the food and coffee. It is best to visit this place at night to enjoy the entertainment, music, and beer. The recommended item is the Beer Flight, including the black and red beers.


4)     Unicorn Coffee House:

This Café is a great place to grab tasteful and sweet cold milkshakes and smackers. Their best sellers are their red velvet drinks, the red velvet smacker and steamed red velvet, which taste heavenly, especially for those red velvet cake lovers. Shakes that come with Oreo are also delicious. The décor is very unique and the atmosphere is perfect for studying or doing group projects. Located in Broumana, the cafe is also an escape from the city life.

5)   Sun dried Tomatoes Panini House:


Buried in the middle of Ashrafieh, this place truly is a gem with attractive seating, and a calm, friendly ambience. Sandwiches can be enjoyed either in the restaurant, or taken on the go. Most of the sandwiches served are very healthy, while being tasty and delightful. The owners are extremely friendly and welcoming and the service is quick. The best thing about this place is their Paninis which are special in taste and generous in shape and portion. The pollo is a personal favorite, filled with chicken mozzarella and homemade pesto sauce.

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