Procrastination Comes With Benefits

Demi Korban

News Editor


We’ve been raised in a community that taught us that productivity is key, but that is not always the easy way to success. According to many recent studies it has finally been proven that procrastination comes with benefits. So lay that book you’re reading right now and enjoy the little moments of procrastination to catch up on Sherlock or jam to some music.

But first we must ask, what is procrastination? In the most literary sense, procrastinating is the act of delaying something that needs to be completed urgently.

Time has come to finally raise the reputation of procrastinators, because no Victor Kiam, procrastination is not opportunity’s assassin. Procrastination may actually lead to better results, be it in school, university, career or daily life.


  1. Work Smarter

Your paper is due in an hour and you are still staring at a blank page. The shock sets in; you begin racing through by writing quickly and effectively while referring to the sources that you have planted your browser with. Thus, waiting for the last minute to work on something makes us feel more concentrated and less distracted by our surroundings such as the smartphone, noise or the like.

  1. It Breeds Happiness

Procrastinating makes you feel at ease with enjoying life at the moment and not worrying about the tasks you must complete before the deadline, because you know you eventually will. On the contrary, productive people constantly think about all the tasks that they need to complete and thus opt out of taking pleasure in the little things around them.

  1. It Propagates Creativity

While you procrastinate, your subconscious would be digging for ideas and ways to tackle your assignment and thus when you actually come to sit and reflect or start working, ideas and creativity will immediately spur into action or paper.

  1. The Adrenaline Boost

Finishing an assignment just a few seconds before the deadline brings complete euphoria. Instead of being ordinary and submitting ahead of time, you actually achieve an intense thrill by feeling accomplished and proud of your efforts.

  1. It’s a Guard Against Failure

Procrastination allows you to lower your expectations, because if you actually waited for the last minute to complete a task, you can simply blame your procrastination for your low standards. Then, you feed yourself with the mantra that if you had more time you would have soared with success.
Procrastination is definitely not always the right way in life, but that doesn’t mean that it should be bashed, because it does help some people achieve their goals and be happy about it as well. It is a matter of balancing both the pros and cons based on the task you need to complete.

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