Speaker’s Corner: A brief history and its revival

Laudy Issa



One way to ensure the bettering of the AUB community is to let students speak. We chat informally all the time about social, political, and academic topics, but the revival of the Speaker’s Corner offers another official medium to set demands and establish dialogue between the student body itself, and between students and the administration.

The year 1969 marks the beginning of the Speaker’s Corner, which is a somewhat informal, but also very official space organized by the Student Council to publicly debate matters that are of importance to the student body. Any student present is welcome to speak during the event. It’s not a lecture, but rather a discussion between its attendants.

After it was ceased during the Civil War, several attempts were made to bring it back over the years, with the most recent one being in the early 2010s.

Outlook brings you the Speaker’s Corner this Wednesday, March 29. This session, which is being hosted between Back Caf and West Hall, will discuss the masked political representation on campus.

We are working on providing a safe and consistent physical space –in addition to the newspaper –for dialogue between students of different views, which will ultimately build tolerance across campus and encourage more students to become active and critical members of their communities.

Some students have always been more outspoken than others, but we hope to make all students feel involved with the event. The Speaker’s Corner welcomes all students, if not to speak, then to listen and learn, and perhaps to eventually speak the next time the Corner is hosted.

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