5 spots to nap in AUB

Aly Diab

Staff Writer


Napping is the best thing to do during breaks, in between classes, or during a long day at AUB. Actually, scratch that – napping is the best thing to do, ever. To fully optimize the napping experience, here are some of the top five napping spots in AUB.



  • Green Oval:


For the cat lovers, or those who enjoy cats being playful and invading their personal space while they sleep, Green Oval is definitely the place to nap. The smell of freshly cut grass is refreshing and students could always use their bags as pillows. Although paradisiac, this spot does present some disadvantages, like napping while wearing white, or any light color, is not advised. And always check for wet grass spots, they are vicious.

  1. OSB 3rd Floor Couches:

There is no doubt that OSB is one of the fanciest buildings in AUB. The relatively new building has leather couches with real cushions, rather than wooden benches that are so uncomfortable they make students regret their decision the second they sit down, let alone lay down. Whenever students feel knackered and want to rest their eyes for a while, OSB’s luxurious couches are the answer.

  1. Jafet 2nd Floor:

Even though the tiny booths with cushions are claimed territory for couples, single students can always find a vacancy if they wait long enough and put their patience to good use. The booths are not very spacious and won’t fit a whole adult body, but AUB students are determined, even if it means getting into fetal position. Most students easily fall into Morphy’s arm, their nap being so good they wake up with sleeping lines on their faces and arms.


  1. Class

Nothing beats a nap in class with a professor’s voice in the background. This way, students can absorb all the material whilst enjoying an exquisite eye rest with their face gently resting on the smooth surface of the desk. Using the professor’s voice as an alarm to wake up can also be very practical because when he or she finds out you’ve been sleeping, you definitely won’t be able to press snooze.

This is obviously a sarcastic recommendation. Although acceptable in high school, sleeping in class means even less sleep during finals’ period, and we all know how precious a few minutes of sleep are during that time. It’s nice to reminisce about sleeping in class at school, but out of personal experience, napping in class has more disadvantages than actual benefits.


  1. Westhall Basement:

This spot is a personal favourite. Although a bit uncomfortable, the long benches down in westhall fit the whole body, may it be in a fetal position or not. Also, the very poor wifi and absolutely inexistent coverage lessen the potential social media distraction, and encourage the mind to shut down and focus on resting.

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