Black Mirror: A painful reflection of reality

Mario Sammak

Staff Writer


The first season of “Black Mirror” began in 2011, with a graphic episode that was relevant to political scandals in the UK at the time. This episode served as a great introduction to the show, as it made the audience ask questions about the intentions in our society that do not usually come to mind.

The show is characterized as a psychological drama and science fiction series. It exploits a very creative side of technology to show the audience how it may be abused in the future, in a way that would negatively impact their lives.

At first, while the writers are making the audience grasp the complex concepts involved, it may seem as though the show is boring. This is far from the truth. Each episode ranges between 44-89 minutes in duration, with a new concept being introduced every time through different characters and a completely different premise and story. Many people watch different episodes in any order to suit their watching environment, as the underlying truth and reality behind the issues brought up in the show can really make you pause and think about life as a whole.

The episodes all begin with a whole new cast and concept, making it really difficult to get bored of “Black Mirror.” In fact, at times, you will marvel at the writer’s ability to come up with such abstract scenarios. It is nearly impossible to summarize what “Black Mirror” is about, with each episode able to be a movie in its own.

The technologies in some episodes such as “White Christmas” can seem a bit too ambitious, with nothing as remotely complex these days. But in episodes like “The National Anthem,” the sheer use of a camera and TV broadcasting is manipulated in a way that seems too real to be deemed far-fetched or exaggerated.

In essence, the phrase “Black Mirror” describes a dark perspective of consequences that new technologies can bring about. When the show is described as dark, that is no exaggeration. You may not realize how cruel technology can be until you see how families and lives get torn apart by simply using them.

“Black Mirror” is an adventure into the dark side of technology that is highly recommended, as it will provide you with an insight into science as a whole and give you a different perspective on social interactions and the ethical implications of common everyday technologies, as well as some interesting concepts that you may have never even considered as a possible threat to society. Before watching any episode of this thrill packed show, however, be prepared to see a fully blown dark side of reality that will really make you wonder, but let’s just hope that these ideas, are after all, “just a show”.

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