Forget about Salad bars, a Cereal bar is now in town

Hanine El Mir & Nour Massalkhi

Staff Writer & Staff Writer


Cereal addicts, get your spoons ready, for the first cereal bar has opened in Beirut. Crunchy Flakes Cafe is a small and cozy cafe located in Hamra’s vibrant streets, but with a small twist – the specialty is the variety of cereal bowls that can be customized.

Its concept of serving every kind of cereal is based on already existing cafes with such formulas. Beirut’s own version is fairly new. With only two weeks into its opening, the cafe is already welcoming guests of all ages.

Once you step in, you are greeted with bright pink colors, pictures with fun quotes hung up on the wall, and a small corner filled with the various cereals offered by the store. Do not be misled by the size of the store from the outside, though. There are three floors to choose to dine in, each floor decorated differently, but still following the same theme of a warm, friendly, and cozy environment where cereal lovers can rejoice.

Upon looking at the menu, you can see the list of the different cereals offered. You can either choose a plain cereal bowl for LL 6,750 or a smaller kids bowl size for LL 4,750. Customers can also pick from their cereal cocktail options with cereals and toppings already pre-chosen, or they can customize their own bowl, both for only LL 10,500.

The cafe also offers a wide array of non-dairy alternatives, such as almond milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, coconut milk, as well as dairy milk that is lactose free. These options cost slightly more than regular whole milk.

Upon ordering, you can choose to have your milk with your cereal served hot or cold – just the way you would like it!

The cereals are served in a bowl, with the milk served in a separate milk bottle. The colored straw and pink heart attached to the milk bottle add to the sweet atmosphere of the cafe.

Moreover, the cafe proposes at least five different brands of vegan cereal. Some are labelled as such and are organic, while others could be called what’s usually referred to as “accidentally vegan” brands. Accidentally vegan brands are brands that don’t intentionally make vegan cereal but their already existing corn flakes don’t have dairy, honey or eggs in them.

They also carry a selection of gluten free cereals suitable for people with IBS or other dietary restrictions, or for people who simply wish to be healthier.

Some of their upcoming menu options include overnight oatmeals, granola bars, waffles, and many more. These options are not available to the public yet, but will soon be. In the meantime, customers can enjoy the numerous options available, as well as the hot beverages served, including coffee.

While waiting for your cereal bowl to arrive, you can enjoy the nostalgic sounds of Tom and Jerry playing from the television set on the second floor. No matter where you are sitting in the cafe, you will still be able to hear the orchestrated music of your familiar childhood TV show, while savoring a bowl of your favorite cereals, and falling back into your childhood.

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