On Student Apathy

Laudy Issa



A half-empty auditorium welcomed President Fadlo Khuri, MD, for a town hall meeting that would span the course of two hours and discuss everything from discrimination against segments of the student body to improving Nicely Hall. When less than 50 students show up, Khuri considers it to be a sign of apathy. Demi Korban covers the town hall meeting in excruciating detail, for the 8,000 students who missed it.

Whether students simply don’t care or don’t have time to care – considering that midterms seem to span over the course of the entire semester – is unclear. No doubt exists, however, that some students are more motivated and invested in their work beyond the classroom, while others are simply interested in finishing their course load and graduating.

Regardless, there is so much to do at AUB that can help students develop leadership and communication skills, or simply teach them something new. Last week alone, enough events were happening and initiatives were taken to generate 36 pages worth of news.

Aside from the town hall meeting, the KIP multi-disciplinary conference on discrimination and sexual harassment took place. With over 200 panelists and speakers, several of our writers cover what they could attend in this week’s news section.

The “Make It Work” student-led initiative brought several successful startup organizations and entrepreneurs to West Hall, where students pitched their ideas and projects to them. Read more in the news section, as well.

Stories from ISIS fighters and slaves, initiatives for improving the public bus system, a successful album cover designer, the Speaker’s Corner, physics lectures, philosophy presentations; the list goes on and on, and there’s something for everyone on it.

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