Students and instructors team up for the first 4x400m interfaculty relay race

Ahmad Heneine

Contributing Writer


The long awaited and the most anticipated annual event, the Big Game, is approaching in about a week’s time on Wednesday, April 12. The event is comprised of a football match, along with a series of other sports competitions between students of different faculties which never fail to foster excitement and a competitive spirit within avid fans.

Speaking of which, fans of this game are not only students, but also eager teachers supporting their faculties and students. That being said, there is nothing more exciting and challenging than to let instructors participate in this great event.

Track and Field athlete Ragheb Raad got the idea of organizing a 4x400m relay race, where students partner with their teachers and compete in the name of their faculty. In this relay race, each team will be composed of four sprinters belonging to the same faculty: one female student, one female instructor, one male student, and one male instructor who will each be running one lap around the track (four-hundred meters.)

“The race is unique with its idea to have a collaborative work between students and instructors whom we are familiar with, and all of this will add to the excitement of the event,” said Raad. He also mentioned that he is working on getting the president, Fadlo Khuri, MD, to fire the starting gun that will mark the beginning of the race.

Relay races are known to be team-oriented races where coordination, planning, and accurate performance is a must between teams. This is a challenge every team must overcome to dominate, and it will be of great interest to see how well teachers and students will perform together.

A relay race is really the best choice for a student-teacher collaboration activity. Raad commented on the inception of the idea.

“Being in the track team for almost four years now, I wanted to have an interfaculty track competition, just like other sports have. We decided to place the relay race right before the start of the Big Game for all the fans to be present and witness the excitement and fun this race will bring,” said Raad.

Formulating the roster of this relay race was a great challenge. According to Raad, the criteria for choosing the sprinters were as follows: priority was given for the track and field varsity team players. For the spots that had more than one candidate, a tryout was made to select the best. There weren’t any athletes from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine in the team, so the two faculties’ USFCs, Dima Salloum and Joseph Habib, were respectively contacted.

The two have contributed with great effort to help pick the required student sprinters for their faculties. “We also made sure that the student sprinters were the ones who picked the faculty sprinters so that they won’t complain about a randomized choice,” said Raad.

Hearing that teachers are going to hit the track at the Big Game brings about a rush of adrenaline and a thrill for those anticipating their teachers at the race. This relay race is truly a unique and different experience which adds a new flavor to the event, one that fans are dying to taste.  


Table showing the roster for all six faculties.

Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty of Engineering & Architecture Faculty of Arts & Sciences Faculty of Agriculture & Food Sciences Olayan School of Business
Female Student Hiba Siblini (MED I) Acile Nahlawi (Environmental Health) Marina Fenianos (Chemical) Lea Bou Fadel (Economics) Nada Yaman (Food Science & Management) Lea Ladki
Male Faculty Hasan Baydoun, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery) Khalil El Asmar (Epidemiology & Population Health) Walid Saad, PhD (Chemical) Arne Dietrich*, PhD (Psychology) Mohamad Abiad*, PhD (NFSC) Ali Termos, PhD
Female Faculty Rana Sharara-Chami, MD (Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine) Rula AlKhatib (Medical Laboratory) Mayssa Dabaghi, PhD (Civil) Najat Saliba*, PhD (Chemistry) Mirella Aoun*, PhD (Agriculture) Nadine Yehya*, PhD
Male Student Muhieddine Labban (MED II) Esayas Tsegaye (Public Health) Ragheb Raad (Mechanical) Malek Shatila (Psychology) Hussein Kandil (Agribusiness) Ahmad Itani

*: tentative


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