15 things to do at AUB Before Graduating

Kathrine Terro

Staff Writer


With graduation around the corner, AUB students start reminiscing about their time on campus, the good and the bad memories, as well as the missed opportunities. But before leaving university, there are 15 must-do things that every AUB student should try at least once.

1. Pull an all-nighter at Jafet during finals
No student should be allowed to leave AUB without spending an all-nighter in Jafet. More than a study session, the night becomes a camping experience: students gather around the library tables, share coffee, pile up with pillows and blankets, and study until the sun rises the next day.

2. Picnic on the Green Oval
Now that spring is here, surround yourself with good friends and enjoy a sunny picnic on the green oval. Live the stereotype found on the cover of AUB’s catalogue showing university students enjoying a sunny picnic before it’s too late.

3. Run on the track field
Most students stare at that green field and promise themselves to start running someday, but never do so. But if not now, when? And what better way to bid farewell to AUB than with a great run.

4. Attend the events organized by AUB clubs
From Latin nights to Trivia dinners, AUB never lacks social events. This is the occasion for you to meet new people and later on brag about your AUB experience to the younger generation, and even to your potential kids.

5. Join AUB Outdoors
Join Outdoors or attend Outdoors; either way will do. During the two-day event, the campus is filled with thousands of people, a tireless energy, happy vibes, diverse performances, and lots of food.

6. Attend the AUB Folk Dance Festival
This cultural and enriching event takes place on an annual basis at AUB. The dance groups come from different communities across the country, representing the diversity of the Lebanese culture.

7. Visit the Souk Aal Souk Farmers’ Market
The Souk Aal Souk Farmers’ Market takes place every Wednesday in FAFS’ courtyard. Over 15 producers from all over Lebanon gather to offer fresh saj and manakeesh, as well as traditional and healthy products, from fruits and vegetables to homemade pastries and mouneh.

8. Attend the AUB Annual Job Fair
What students apprehend the most after graduation is finding a job. Try your luck and submit your CV to various companies at the job fair. Print as many CVs as you can and pass them around multiple booths; you never know where your accomplishments might take you.

9. Attend a Choir concert at Assembly Hall
Assembly Hall is one of the most underrated buildings on campus. For those who want to enjoy some quality time with classic music, the choir concerts at assembly hall are a must. The choir is composed of angelic voices that will help any student unwind after a long day of classes.

10. Use the student ID to get a discount
Many restaurants, shops, as well as various companies offer discounts to university students. Before bidding goodbye to their student ID, students should go there while they still can and scavenge all those places where discounts are available.

11. Explore the library
How many times have you actually entered the part of the library where the books are stacked? All the leather-bound books that you once had hoped to read, or even touch, are surely present in that library. Now is your chance to wander in between the aisles of classics and treat yourself with a good book.

12. Befriend an international student
University is the time to meet people from all over the world, and AUB is a melting pot of students. Help them get around campus, and maybe learn about their country. Who knows, if you ever end up travelling the world, you could have a place to crash!

13. Visit all buildings on campus
All in all, there are over ten different buildings in AUB. From the archaeological museum next to medical gate and the art gallery next to the cafeteria, there is more to our university than the greenfield, Nicely, and Main Gate.

14. Join a club or society
Join a club at AUB, work hard, and eventually become a member of its cabinet. Not only will you gain experience, but you’ll also build a second family with whom you’ll spend most of your time.

15. Take as many pictures as you can
AUB is a beautiful and photogenic campus, and before those fleeting moments fade away, take as many pictures as you can with friends, classmates, or even cats. 10 years from now these pictures will mean the world to you.

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