Locanda Corsini: A Breezy Food Getaway Like No Other

Demi Korban

News Editor


Beirut is home to many dine and wine restos, but sometimes it takes a trip to where the pines stand tall for a different level of sincerity while enjoying a meal. Leave the hustle and bustle for a few hours, refresh, and restore with the Italian atmosphere at Locanda Corsini.

Located in Bikfaya, Locanda Corsini is only a 30-minute drive from the city. A particularity of  the boutique hotel and restaurant is that it is managed by the Corsini’s, a Lebanese family with Italian roots.

Due to their love of service and romance, they transformed their once 150-year-old home into a boutique hotel with a few bedrooms for two, as well as a restaurant serving some of the best Italian dishes in the country.

The mood changes depending on the season, from a cozy wood-fire feel during the winter to a light and calm breeze during the summer.

Reading the menu requires Italian expertise, because of the multitude of imported ingredients that ensure an authentic taste.

Locanda Corsini serves antipasti dishes to share, pasta dishes, risottos and gnocchis, main dishes, and dulce desserts.

A specialty from their antipasti section is the thin and delicate plate of carpaccio beef garnered with an exquisite and mild taste of parmesan and greened with a few rocket leaves. Not many places around town perfect the carpaccio dish, but Locanda Corsini succeed in supplying beautiful quality.

Another must is their entrata, which is a very basic starter of homemade multicereal, plain, and olive bread buns with a few dips of their handcrafted olive tapenade, juicy dried tomatoes, and whipped butter.

Following that, a pasta, risotto or gnocchi dish is a must. The Corsini family makes sure to provide their customers with their own recipes of freshly-made pasta with delicate toppings to maintain the Italian origin.

For the truffle lovers, the Linguine Aux Truffes Noires has an intense smell and an even better taste. The sauce is just the right amount and the dish is generous with truffle.

Another dish that cannot be easily forgotten is their Ravioli aux Epinards et Ricotta. Four largely-shaped ravioli pieces swim in an ocean of rose sauce and are stuffed with a blend of ricotta cheese and spinach bites. However, the dish is missing a few pieces to make it fulfilling enough.

The gnocchi selection offered at Locanda Corsini stands out from any other served in Beirut. The delicate and small pieces of gnocchi melt in the palate like butter, no matter what the sauce, but one of the finest is the four cheese sauce, which blends both mild and tangy cheeses together.

Keep in mind that the prices at Locanda Corsini are a bit on the high end, but that is due to the rich quality, mood and atmosphere offered at the restaurant. Not to forget the speed of service and extra care the waiters give to each of their customers.

Leave the fumes of Beirut and enrich your belly with a romantic meal in one of Lebanon’s finest Italian restos.

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