Speaker’s Corner, Round Two: On the Student Affairs Office

Laudy Issa


The second session of the newly-revived Speaker’s Corner will tackle the intervention of the Office of Student Affairs in student and club activities on campus.

Any and all students are welcome to join Outlook at the space between West Hall and Ada Dodge Cafeteria on Wednesday, April 12, at 2:30 pm. We hope this Speaker’s Corner will provide a safe and conversational space –like the first session did –to critically discuss the role of the office in approving, altering, and stopping events and the formation of clubs at the American University of Beirut, among other things.

Club representatives –Outlook included –who are planning bold and difficult events often run into some form of trouble when organizing them. With the recent controversy surrounding the approval of a club’s event that was arguably problematic and upon popular demand from the student body during the first session, this Speaker’s Corner will provide a space to assess the role of the Office of Student Affairs (SAO) in these bureaucratic procedures, whether negative or positive.

Historically, the Speaker’s Corner has been a space for the student body to set demands, and we hope that this will continue. With SAO right next door to where the Speaker’s Corner is being hosted, these demands will surely be heard.

Although it’s a little late in the semester, the plan is for the sessions to happen every two weeks, and for this to carry on to next year’s Outlook team.

Join us to speak, or to listen. Both are essential for dialogue.

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