AUB Athlete of the Week: Hana Baroudi

Ragheb Raad

Sports Editor


After graduating from BAU with a BS in Physics, Hana Baroudi joined AUB’s MS Physics program for the Fall 2016 semester.

Baroudi’s volleyball career started when she was still in school after she joined the age categories sections of the Kalamoun club. With time, she kept on moving upward with the age categories until she joined the Division One team, going on to win the Lebanese Volleyball Division One Championship.

For Baroudi, the inspiring part about this transition was how Lara Al Jarrah, who was her coach at school, became her teammate in the Division One Kalamoun team.

“She was my coach, then I found myself playing with her on the same team,” she said.

After joining AUB’s volleyball team, Baroudi was selected for the Lebanese Universities National Team. She also mentioned that the best part about joining the AUB team was the great team spirit.

“Joud Hudhud, she is our main team spirit creator,” said Baroudi.

Ever since the tryouts in September, the athlete was approached by other players, who made sure she would quickly fit in and take part in all of the members’ activities.

“We do everything together,” said Baroudi. “The commitment to the team is amazing, and everyone cares about everyone. This can be seen at every point of every game.”

Hana added that the volleyball coach Simon Al Raii also plays a key role in enhancing that team spirit. “I have never seen someone as supportive and encouraging as him,” she said. “Even if we are losing, he keeps on clapping for us, while other coaches in the league, they keep on screaming at their girls.”

The AUB women volleyball team is currently in the final four of the University League, with USJ being their main contender for the title.

Baroudi is currently conducting an MS thesis in condensed matter physics. She is also a lab instructor as part of her graduate assistantship. Her plan is to pursue a career in research and the fact that she enjoys teaching gives her the ambition to become a university instructor.

She affirmed that sharing knowledge with students and others is part of what makes a person a great researcher.

“Part of being a scientist is knowing how to make other people understand science in a fashionable way,” she said. “Researchers who keep the information for themselves are [simply] selfish.”

“Physics is about understanding the way life is made. And you can’t go through life without trying to understand this. So one of my main purposes for learning all of this, is making it easier for the community to understand it.”

Baroudi’s passion towards science comes from the fact that it helps in understanding the world.  

“[Science] makes sense and it’s rational,” she said. “It is based on facts.”

Furthermore, she elaborated on the way science helps us understand the beauty behind the construction of the world, as science does not leave room for magic or anything similar. In the sense of studying materials, she claims that nothing is wrong, and the way everything is constructed is so “beautiful and so diverse.”

“I hope the growing youth of this nation will aspire to know the world through science,” she said.

Baroudi affirmed that sports really help release the stress, and she urged students to pursue a sport along with their studies, at least once a week.

“Just being at AUB, you’re under a lot of pressure studying here.”

When asked about how she perceives her sporting career in the future, Baroudi said she would like to join a team abroad in case she got accepted into a PhD program.

“Abroad, they praise you, not like here. At least this is how I see it, I don’t know yet, I just want the experience of it.”

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