The Best and Worst of AUB

Tamara Saade
Lifestyle Editor

After spending three years roaming the alleys of Nicely trying to understand its class organization, and still getting lost, the time has come to bid farewell to AUB. For the good, the bad, and the ugly memories, thank you AUB.

10 things that will not be missed:

  • Mental breakdowns and stress.

Tears and panic attacks for some, binge eating or drinking and all nighters for others. When it comes to pressure, AUB knows how to show its students a good time.

  • Parking.

Older students warned newcomers about the parking struggle, but the reality is worse. At 6 a.m, Raouche spots are taken, and by 9 a.m, overpriced parkings are full. A potential solution? Staying home instead.

  • Involuntary 30 minutes of exercise.

Who knew becoming an AUB student meant exercising daily? Those who thought they could walk from OSB to Nicely in 15 minutes developed incredible sprinting skills, or were inevitably late to class.

  • Traffic.

On the road, in the cafeteria and hallways, at the Zoo, in Jafet at 3 a.m, AUB rhymes with traffic. It even follows student on their computers on AUBSIS during registration.

  • Being broke.

After paying their tuition fee, class books, and occasional healthy meals, students rarely have the money to afford other necessities. When education costs so much, ending a heavy fee becomes a relief for the mind and the wallet.

  • Email spams.

Upon their acceptance at AUB, students, staff, and faculty, assume the responsibility of receiving up to 10 emails per day. Even at 2 in the morning from their professors cancelling 8 am classes.

  • Bureaucracy maze.

Some administrative tasks take 10 minutes, but end up taking 45 at AUB. Bouncing from one building to the other, tasks consist in finding the chosen office that will fulfill the task initially wanted.

  • Living with cats.

Victims of ailurophobia, the fear of cats, live a nightmare in AUB where the furry creatures reign. Jumping on cafeteria tables and scratching those who dare to cuddle them, cats easily become hard to handle.  

  • Hiding from the weather.

When the weather is too warm, walking on campus results in sweat. When it’s too cold, strolling around means getting damped in rain. The ideal weather is rare at AUB: winter is spent hiding from the storm, summer means running around for the AC.

  • Running into everyone.

Trying to hide from someone on campus is mission impossible. In some way or the other, all students are related, know each other through friends, or interact on weird posts on AUB Guru.


10 things that will be missed:

  • Being surrounded by nature.

Many AUB students take their campus for granted: century old trees, birds chirping, and the Mediterranean Sea, all by the classrooms. Green spaces being hard to find in Beirut, AUB’s campus is a gem.  

  • Friends around, all the time.

During breaks, after class drinks or sleepless nights during finals, AUBites move in tribes of friends and rarely separate. After graduation, although the bond remains the same, friends go separate ways and meeting up for drinks becomes a task that can take months of planning.

  • Flexible schedule.

Students still have a margin of liberty concerning the schedule they choose to adopt. Except for required classes with fixed hours, AUBites can choose to attend university a few days from morning until evening, or every day for a couple of hours, before 9-to-5 schedules take over.

  • Variety of the students.

AUB is a buzzing hub for students from various backgrounds to meet up. Liberals and conservatives, Beirutis and international students, all meet up in the 250,000 square meters that form AUB.

  • Bars, restaurants and pubs within a five-minute radius.

The struggle of choosing a place to eat was easily resolvable at AUB. A few steps from AUB’s main gate, Bliss and its restaurants and Hamra, its multiple cafes, pubs and bars leave AUBites with hundreds of possibilities as to where to eat.

  • Living with cats.

Cat lovers leave AUB in a state of bliss. In classrooms, asleep under the sun, or between books, cats own the AUB campus. When they’re in the mood to cuddle and be pet, the furry creatures spread their positive energy to those eager to accept their love.

  • Opportunities in talks and clubs.

At AUB, students can attend talks concerning the philosophy of football, the combination of the patriarchal system and sectarianism or participate in a hacking marathon. Rarely will students be exposed to such different events and opportunities in one environment.

  • Sunsets.

Cheesy, but true. AUB sunsets are incredible. Many students can confess Instgramming a sunset from AUB or the explosive and colorful sky at least once during their university experience.

  • Quiet AUB.

Early in the morning or late at night, AUB empties up. For a few moments, the campus allows the students to hear their thoughts and breathe before moving on with their hectic routines.

  • Safe haven.

By the end of their university years, all AUBites would have built themselves a comfort zone. May it be a group, one exceptional friend, or a spot where they spent most of their time, in some way AUB was, and will remain, a comfort zone for those who need it.

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