Redout and the resurrection of AG racing

Ahmad Hneine
Staff Writer


The AG racing genre is what most fans are describing as a forgotten genre, as it is extremely rare for big developers to touch on this genre and because the development of big AG titles like F-Zero and Wipeout ceased to exist.

Redout is an Anti-Gravity (AG) racer created by Italian indie game studio 34BigThings, as a tribute to AG racing giants. The studio capitalized on the opportunity to make an AG racer that will reach out to not only AG racing fans, but also to racing fans in general.

Three Master of Science graduates from ITU of Copenhagen came together in 2013 to start 34BigThings, a small and independent studio based in Turin, Italy. The studio is witnessing exponential growth, with regards to both investor interest and developer excitement about joining the studio.

Believing in the expression “ready when it’s ready,” and since the game was still in development, the studio delayed the release of Redout in 2015 to September 2, 2016. Released first on PC, the game is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on May 30, 2017.

Redout reinvented the AG racer with the new mechanics it added to the AG racing vehicle.

The game is perfectly-crafted with its low-poly graphics, baffling racing tracks, eccentric vehicles, and awesome soundtracks, which all add up to make the game look and feel unmistakably futuristic.

The gameplay is smooth, with adrenaline-pumping game effects that will make you race to the finish line just to catch your breath.

When speaking of AG racing games, we must ask one question: how fast is the game? Redout truly stands for its subtitle “Race Faster Than Ever,” but there has been faster.

Fast Racing Neo, developed by Germany-based studio Shin’en Multimedia, was released exclusively on the Nintendo WiiU in late 2015. The studio is known to be loyal to Nintendo, which comes with the perk of Nintendo Germany’s support.

Although Nintendo ceased developing F-Zero games, the Fast franchise is truly F-Zero’s spiritual successor. The title says it all, Fast Racing Neo is one of the fastest games, and could be considered truly the fastest AG racer out there, with gorgeous tracks, vehicles, soundtracks, and glowing visuals that make the game feel futuristic and arcadish. The game’s graphics, however, are not as sharp and refined as Redout’s.

With the huge success of Fast Racing Neo on the Nintendo WiiU, Fast RMX, a sequel of the game is currently available on the Nintendo Switch with enhanced visuals, new vehicles, and many more improvements.

Way back in 2007, Wipeout HD was released for the PlayStation 3. Wipeout was always PlayStation-exclusive, as the game’s developers Studio Liverpool (previously known as Psygnosis) were a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game looked outstanding compared to its time, with high definition resolution that was the era’s big thing, newly polished realistic graphics, and an amazing soundtrack.

The gameplay feels fluid and, of course, like any Wipeout game, you would be picking power-ups on the track and shooting missiles, acquiring shields, and a bunch of other power-ups that make you dominate the race.

Wipeout looks as sharp as Redout, but since it is aiming for a more arcadish feel, especially with the weapon power-ups available on track, the game doesn’t feel as fast, even when you’re on “Zone Mode.”

During the Playstation Experience event in 2016, Sony surprised gamers by unveiling the Wipeout Omega Collection, which is an enhanced edition of the game Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048, set to release in 2017 for the PS4.

Given these points, it seems like the AG racing genre is being resurrected and the future is packing excitement for the genre lovers. If you are a fan of AG racing, I highly recommend Redout, and if you are a fan of racing games, then be ready to be introduced to your next favorite genre in racing.

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