Socrate: A Homey meal close to AUB

Demi Korban

News Editor


As students, we often nag about the quality of the food we are eating throughout our time at university. Junk food is always the quickest and easiest way out when hunger pangs strike during noon, and most of the time, it’s also the cheapest. But, the sad part is that we neglect many good and healthy eateries around the area, including Socrate.

Socrate, located on Sidani Street, is well-known for its plat du jours that fill your appetite to the brim without any guilt.

The option of Lebanese food is replaced for fries, but think twice, because Socrate can actually compete with the traditional food cooked at home.

On a positive note, it is not easy to get bored of their food because their large list of plat du jours switch on a day to day basis. On Mondays, they serve Kabseh and Chinese Beef with Noodles, among others. Tuesdays are for Shrimp Curry and Moughrabieh, and Wednesdays are for Siyadieh and Lasagna.

Thursdays are for Biryani and Kafta. On Fridays, the restaurant serves Paella and Mloukhieh. Saturdays are for Daoud Basha and Kebbe bil Saniye. And finally, Sundays are for Frikeh and Thai Chicken.

But the list doesn’t end there, they also have a few plat du jour items that they serve every day of the week, including but not limited to Shish Barak and Stuffed Vine Leaves.

Socrate also has the option of a lighter dish in its lists of the varying plat du jours.

Luckily, the waiters take good care of their customers at Socrate, ensuring that they are satisfied throughout and after their meals.

The quality of the food is also top-notch. Even though the price of each dish varies between LBP 17 and 25 thousand, Socrate is very generous with the quantities and guarantee to fill your appetite for the rest of the day.

However, Socrate has many other options that you can choose from that aren’t plat du jours, such as its Mezza Buffet, where you can fill your own plate with traditional mezza items like hummus, fattouch, tabboule, moujadara, and the list goes on.

Socrate also has the usual grilled platters like taouk, as well as a few hot mezza items such as kafta with cherry, fatteh, grilled halloumi, and more.

For those times when you’re hungry but in need of a homey and more or less healthy meal, don’t forget about the close by Socrate.

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