USFC breaches bylaws: Cabinet and sub-committee seats remain vacant

Youmna Mroue
Staff Writer

With only nine members remaining and approximately two weeks left in the summer semester, the University Student Faculty Committee (USFC) has failed to uphold its bylaws by neglecting to re-elect members who had cabinet and/or seats on the standing or university senate committees.

The purpose of the meeting was to replace those who held cabinet positions or seats on standing and/or university senate committees and had graduated last spring.

The committee’s Secretary position, a number of sub-committee membership seats on two out of a total of three standing committees, as well as student membership seats on two senate committees remain vacant.

Students who held positions on the USFC’s cabinet and/or standing and senate committees include Hadi Halabi (Secretary and Chairperson of the Information and Public Relations committee), Nazih Bizri (Bylaws and Senate Disciplinary committees), Lara Tamer (Bylaws committee), and Celine Keyrouz (Senate University Admissions Committee.)

The USFC’s bylaws clearly state that if the membership of any student or faculty member of the USFC ceases, “elections shall take place within a period of 2 weeks to fill the vacant seat or seats according to Article VI.”

Sources confirm that an email from Mohammad Khalifeh, Vice President of the USFC, who is tasked with calling for meetings in coordination with the Dean of Student Affairs, has not been sent out to this day, perhaps implying that there seems to be no intention of holding a USFC meeting during the summer semester.

Outlook reached out to two current USFC members who both refused to provide quotes  on the issue.

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