Places to eat & study spaces around campus

Places to eat in AUB:

Upper Campus:

  • Caribou Coffee (Located inside the Ada Dodge Cafeteria).
  • Ada Dodge Cafeteria.

Lower Campus:

  • Nestlé Toll House.
  • OSB Cafeteria.
  • IOEC Cafeteria.


Study spaces around campus:

  • Fisk Hall: 3rd Floor. This place, unknown to most, is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere to study on your own.
  • Bliss Hall: Labs. When the labs are not being put into use for classes or whatnot, they make wonderful spacious study spaces if you’re looking to work in groups.
  • West Hall: Common Room. Found on the ground floor of West Hall, the empty space is usually full of chairs and tables for you to kick back, relax, and get some work done.
  • West Hall: 4th Floor. This floor is flooded with empty rooms dedicated to clubs. Most of them, however, are not put into use so if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a space here to study in peace.
  • Nicely Hall: Classrooms after 7 PM. After all classes have ended, Nicely classrooms become empty and ideal for anyone seeking to have an air-conditioned, spacious study space.
  • Issam Fares Institute (IFI): Outside this futuristic building are a few benches you can use to read or go over notes when you want to study outdoors but green oval is too muddy, hot, and noisy.
  • Olayan School of Business (OSB): Closed study rooms. These rooms are available to students almost all the time, so business students, use them wisely!
  • Medical Building: Computer Labs. If med students aren’t putting them to use, you can!
  • Caribou Coffee: If you like the ambience of coffee shops and would like a warm drink at the tip of your fingers, this is ideal. Beware though, it’s rather small and places run out!

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