Bring back West

Omar Zaatarah
Contributing Writer

AUB is known for its vibrant student life with its many societies, clubs, and student activities– all of which provide great experiences to AUB students and help relieve stress.  

In the past, West Hall was the hub of student activities consisting of club rooms, music rooms, and recording rooms. It was full of billiard tables, foosball tables, darts, and many more activities which were all for students’ entertainment. Students would retreat to West Hall as a hub to discover and enrich their talents and hang out with friends, going as far as sneaking in during the middle of the night to enjoy a game of cards.

All that remains from that time, however, are the old pianos students used to play and gather around to sing all their troubles away. Today, West Hall is just another office space. It is stuffed with administrative and financial aid offices with few exceptions including the Outlook Newsroom, the Red Cross office, Outdoors office and the Music Club rehearsal space.

Other than offices, there are rooms that now act as study spaces. Granted that AUB could always do with more study rooms, they should not replace areas where students would otherwise be able to unwind in.

Nowadays, smaller clubs and societies have been finding it difficult to keep themselves engaging and captivating due to the growing number of students and the lack of proper spaces to hold meetings and events.

Just as these clubs make use of the limited space to grow and hold big events, other clubs could use the space just as effectively. If a certain club isn’t part of a huge organization or may not have a lot of sponsors, this does not mean the club does not deserve a room to administrate in.

Besides, how can a club/society grow and bring in the big bucks, if they wanted to, without somewhere to plan and organize their events? It is easier to coordinate between cabinet members, sponsors, and club members when a designated room is dedicated to each club/society.

Now, for all the cabinet members out there, remember the many times you had planned to hold a meeting or an event just to find out that there are no available rooms in West Hall? Or, if you did have a reservation, it was rejected due to a conference or a speech or some type of event against which you are powerless to protest?

West Hall was made for us, the students, to make university life more enjoyable in whichever way we deem relevant. The competitive nature of AUB is only growing stronger, and the future is just another stressful thought. West Hall was made for us, so let’s take it back.

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