Food Review: Bouzet Jeddo – An authentic ice cream parlor

Farah Ali Ahmad
Staff Writer

One thing better than eating ice cream in the summer heat is eating ice cream with a story behind it.

There is something special about authentic ice cream shops. Perhaps it’s the stories behind them in which recipes and traditions have been carried on for generations and have survived several decades.

One famous authentic ice cream parlor is Bouzet Jeddo, located at the end of Bliss Street. You might have spotted the building in which the shop is located: a 150 year old, colorful, beautiful building that cannot be missed for its vivid facade.

The colorful building is adorned with walls of pink, yellow, purple, and blue. Inside, the shop is as vivid and colorful with light pink, green, and white: a mix of modern decoration and Lebanese traditional architecture.

Bouzet Jeddo, “Grandfather’s ice cream”, was only opened around a year ago in August 2016. While the shop itself is new, the recipes behind the delicious ice cream go back to 1968.

The shop is an extension of an old family tradition that did not end with the tragic loss of the lawyer, Anis Daouk, who was famous for making uniquely delicious ice cream and distributing it amongst his friends.

His granddaughter, Tamara Daouk, decided to honor him and keep his ice cream-making tradition alive by opening this shop and using his secret artisanal recipes.

While the shop doesn’t have as big of a flavor variety as other known shops in Beirut, its uniqueness lies within the richness of each flavor.

If you’re looking for natural and organic flavors, Bouzet Jeddo is just the place for you. Unlike other shops in which the taste of sorbets can seem a bit artificial, their sorbets are a 100 percent natural and refreshing: from mango to strawberry, raspberry, mulberry, and so on. Some of their sorbets also happen to be gluten-free. This is perfect for health-conscious and gluten-intolerant customers.

While other flavors might not be as healthy, they also do not contain any artificial additives. The mix of the two flavors in their mint chocolate chip flavor is a satisfying flavor reminiscent of After Eight chocolates. Other mouthwatering flavors include the chocolate orange and the milk-meske that somehow reflects the traditional Lebanese culture.

The opening of this shop took many people back to old times when Anis Daouk was still alive. At the end of the day, one can only hope that such places will live longer. The simple art of ice-cream making is resulting in a ‘one of a kind’ shop which will go down in Lebanon’s history.

Next time you’re near Bliss street and craving some fresh ice cream, you know where to go.

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