Bringing back ‘Letters to the Editor’

Juliette Jabra

There is nothing I value more for Outlook than receiving constructive criticism and feedback, be it either negative or positive.

In previous Volumes of Outlook, a section existed titled ‘Letters to the Editor’ that allowed for students to submit their responses and thoughts on certain articles from within the newspaper. Students would reply to pieces that either angered them, peaked their interest, or simply caught their attention.

This year in Volume 50, we plan on reinstating the column for a number of noteworthy reasons.

Outlook has always been and will continue to be the medium through which students voice their concerns, opinions, and even questions regarding a wide range of subject matters. This has, in the past, generated rejoinders and reactions, both in support of and in opposition towards said topics and I believe it is an appropriate time for the column to make a comeback.

At face value, ‘Letters to the Editor’ may not seem like a productive means of obtaining feedback from students. In reality, though, it should be one of the many ways we do so.

The responses we receive through the column will generate dialogue between members of Outlook and fellow students, which will allow for both constructive and productive exchanges to take place. We encourage and aim to engage in discourse that will feed into the quality of our content and essentially push for the growth and development of the newspaper.

I have perhaps already made this quite apparent, but I am a strong advocator of discussion and confrontation, and in this particular case I believe ‘Letters to the Editor’ can mobilize conversations towards greater matters within the university. This is the beginning we need – a platform that welcomes all – and this is what we will remain achieving.

And so, if you feel as though you disagree with or approve of any piece present within the newspaper, please do let us know. Send your thoughts to our email address, suggest ideas, critique the pieces. Let us know. We need to know.  

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